Dream of: 31 May 1995 "The Evil Catholic Church"

put your faith in truth

when struggling 'gainst evil men

win or lose you win

I had gone to visit my erstwhile friend Wheat concerning some business. Once I was in his office, I was surprised by how friendly and animated he was, especially since we weren't on the best of terms. I became distracted by something, and I wasn't paying attention as he began talking about something. When I finally did start listening to him, I realized he was saying something about the Catholic Church. Slowly I began to think he was saying his daughter had converted to Catholicism. Only when I began questioning him did I realize that he himself had converted to Catholicism.

I was flabbergasted. I wouldn't have thought that Wheat would have become a Catholic. I pointed out that Catholicism was the "most evil chemical in the world." He didn't seem offended by what I said; he just seemed happy and convinced he had done the right thing. It really didn't matter much to me: we weren't friends any longer, and I was only concerned that he pay me some money which he still owed me. If he was foolish enough to convert to something as ridiculous as Catholicism, that was his business.

Dream Commentary of January 26, 2016

Like most spiritual organizations, the Dream Journal can be infiltrated by dishonest, evil-thinking men or women. The Dream Journal itself, however, is based upon honesty and may offer a historically new opportunity for spiritual revelation for those who join in the spirit of truth.

Be truthful!

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