Dream of: 27 May 1995 "Writing Class"

Carolina and I had moved into a large apartment just one day ago. I was in the bathroom, taking a shower, and when I finished, I noticed about 15 centimeters inches of water standing on the floor near the bathtub. I recalled that the same thing had happened the previous day when I had taken a shower. I hadn't done anything about the water and it had seeped away, but now I realized there was a definite problem which needed to be fixed. It occurred to me that since we were now living in an apartment instead of our own house, I could call the building maintenance and have someone come and fix the problem.

I got on the phone and a woman quickly answered. I explained the problem and she cordially said she would send someone up to take care of it. I told her it was apartment #1050. She said it wouldn't be necessary for me to be there because the maintenance man would have the key. I was quite pleased with myself for having handled the problem so quickly. Sometimes I would procrastinate in dealing with simple problems like that. Or I would let Carolina take care of them. But Carolina and I had had an argument earlier, and I didn't want to rely on her. So I was glad I had taken handled it.

I walked out into the large living room. In the middle of the floor was a plot of earth about four foot wide by six foot long divided into little patches about four inches square. Each patch had a plant growing from it. I walked straight to the plot of earth and marched across it. After crossing it, I turned, looked back and saw that I had crushed several of the plants. Now why had I done that? That was really stupid. I had seen the plants before I walked across them, but I had gone ahead and charged through them anyway.

I turned to the plants and knelt down beside them. The ones I had crushed looked like coleus plants – green with patches of red. One was completely uprooted, and it probably couldn't be saved. However I tried to stick it back into the ground anyway. Another one was broken off, but looked as if it might survive. I patted the earth back down around the ones I had damaged and tried to straighten them up. I then pulled a few weeds around some of the other plants.

It occurred to me how unusual this was to see a garden in the middle of the living room. It looked as if there were several different kinds of plants which had been planted in it, but that there was still place for some more. I thought I might plant some plants myself, perhaps some edible garden variety plants.

I looked more closely at the way the garden had been built. It appeared that a space had been cut out of the floor and then a wooden box divided up into small sections had been inserted into the floor. It seemed like a wonderful idea. I even began thinking that I might like to construct such a box myself. Only I would like to construct it above ground with wheels on the bottom, like a wagon. Then I could pull the garden around to different spots in the house where the light might be favorable. But I didn't think the box should be made of wood, since it would rot. It might be better to use some kind of Teflon material. I might even make enough of the boxes to sell some.

I realized Carolina's mother, Paz, had come into the room. She had come to visit the new apartment. She seemed to like it, especially since it was so large. I pointed out that it had two large bedrooms, one on each end of the apartment. The only thing I didn't like was some garish, flowery, yellow wall paper on one of the walls. I thought I might have that changed.

But now it was time for me to leave. I gathered together a few things, walked out the door and headed down an escalator. Many people were hustling and bustling about outside, and by the time I reached the bottom of the escalator, it seemed as if I was on a college campus where I had recently enrolled in some classes. The main thing I was studying was writing in an English class. I still felt strange about taking the writing class since it was just a beginner's class and I had already gone through college once. Even though I enjoyed the class, I still wondered if I were doing the right thing. I was still working at a job at the same time, so I still had income. Most of the people who had originally gone to college with me had gotten jobs and never returned to college to study anything. Even as I thought about it, I saw a fellow pass by whom I knew was only working and not studying anything anymore. I didn't want to be like that. So even though it felt odd to me, I thought I should try taking the classes.

When I reached the bottom of the escalator I saw a large silver-colored flat box, which I realized was a mail box. I opened the cover on one side and saw several different stacks of mail for different people in the box. One stack was for me and Carolina. I also saw some colorful postage stamps which we had left in the box. There was also a paperback book in the box which belonged to Carolina. I recalled that I had been using the book for a class, but that I had given it back to Carolina when we had had our argument. But our arguments never lasted long and we quickly made up. I thought since I would be needing the book, I would just go ahead and take it again now. Carolina wouldn't mind.

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