Dream of: 26 May 1995 "Mountain-Church"

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Visiting a small town deep in the mountains of Kentucky, I was impressed by the antiquity of most of the houses, most of which were frame houses constructed of dark brown wood, and were probably over 100 years old. While looking over the houses, I visited a small frame church and inside was surprised to find many old items sitting around such as might be found in an antique store. I saw an old, well-preserved table which interested me, and on another table I saw a set of three tin cans with blue flower designs on them. The cans were very old, but in perfect shape.

The preacher and his wife walked into the room and prepared a table with food on it. They sat down at the table with a young woman whom they had invited to eat with them. I had the feeling that the woman was homeless, and that this was a rare event for her. Although a fourth chair was at the table, I had the distinct impression that no one else was welcome to sit there, and I decided it was time for me to leave.

I ended up in a room of a house where my mother was living in the town. I had been helping her fix up the house, stripping paper from the walls to be re-papered, and preparing the floors to be redone. Realizing that my mother seemed to have become skittish by so much activity, I told her I would continue the next time I was in town. Actually I was thinking of trying to buy my own house in the town and fix it up. Houses could be bought ridiculously cheap – as low as $10,000. I might even buy ten houses and fix them up as an investment.

My old friend, Mike Walls, and some other people showed up and we sat down in one of the rooms. Mike talked about how he had been arrested for selling marijuana to a police officer, but had been released. As he talked, I realized that the two police officers who had arrested him were sitting on a couch in the room. Obviously they were all friends, and obviously Mike didn't have to worry much about going to jail.

Mike mentioned that the penalties for such crimes were reduced if a person was married. I was surprised when he said that he was no longer married. Apparently he had been married to his niece Vicki who had divorced him about a month ago on December 24th. However, he said that if he got in trouble, he would get married again.

Even though I didn't feel as if I were accomplishing much, I was enjoying my visit to the town, and I was seriously thinking of moving there. Most young people moved away from the town to find work elsewhere. Only the less adventuresome remained. The town, however, would be a quiet place, and I thought I would like it. It would be especially enjoyable to find fine, old houses which had been abandoned and bring them back to life.

Commentary of 25 November 2015

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- Frank Whitfield, Paris, France

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