Dream of: 11 May 1995 "Wounded"

I was sitting on a couch with a woman (probably in her 50s) sitting to my left on the other end of the couch. I realized this woman had once taught me history, but that I hadn't been a good student at the time. Since then, however, I had learned much about history, and I had learned to see history as a pageant of many colorful stories. I thought now might be a good time to strike up a conversation with the woman and tell her some of the historical stories which I knew. But as I searched my memory, I couldn't think of a single story. The more I searched, the more clogged my mind became, and the more inhibited I felt, as if I would make a fool of myself if I began talking.

At the same time I began feeling weak and realized I had another problem. Looking down at my shirt under my right arm, I saw a spot of red blood about an inch in diameter. At first I tried to ignore it, but slowly I began realizing I might have a serious wound. Finally I pulled up my shirt so I could see what was the problem. There, on the side of my chest, I saw a small puncture from which blood was slowly oozing. The blood was coming out in a slow steady stream, and it didn't appear as if it were going to stop. I felt weaker and weaker, and finally lay back and closed my eyes.

However, I was unable to go to sleep, and besides that, I was worried by my lack of strength that if I went to sleep I might not wake up. I now realized I was in a class room and many students were sitting in rows of chairs around me. Next to me was one fellow about 20 years old whom I knew. I whispered to him that I needed help, and that I needed him to help me walk from the room. We both stood up and he started to put his arm around my shoulder. But I thought that would look too ridiculous and I told him to simply put his arm through mine. I thought even that was bad enough, and I hoped the other students wouldn't think the two of us were involved with each other. Mustering the little strength I had left, I held onto his arm as we walked toward the door.

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