Dream of: 10 May 1995 "Whites"

I had arrived at a large auditorium or arena crowded with hundreds of people. As I took a seat, I felt rather uncomfortable for a couple reasons. First, I realized that unlike everyone else, I wasn't wearing a shirt. Second, a light on my right was shining on me, making me feel quite conspicuous. I finally felt so uneasy that I stood and walked back to the passageway beneath the stands.

Once in the passageway, I donned a clean, long-sleeved, white shirt. As I stood there, I felt much better, although I wondered whether I was now a bit over-dressed. I didn't stand there long before someone walked around a corner and stood right in front of me. I immediately recognized the person as Walls. I had not seen Walls in quite a while and was happy to find him here.

Walls looked as if he were in his early 20s, and seemed in an exuberant, friendly mood. However, I quickly saw that something was wrong. Walls was unsteady on his feet and seemed out of touch with his surroundings. It quickly became clear to me that he had taken some kind of drug. I asked him if that were the case, and he said it was, that he had taken some "whites." I was uncertain what "whites" were, and asked him if they were amphetamines. He was unable to give me a clear answer, and I concluded that they must either be amphetamines or an hallucinogen.

Whatever they were, Walls obviously needed assistance; it was unwise for him to stay where we were. I took control of the situation and led him from the arena, intending to guide him to a safe place. I had such a place in mind, and we soon made our way to the banks of the Ohio River.

As we sat down on the shore and looked out over the wide river, I felt much more at ease. I thought Walls would be safer here, and I intended to stay with him until the effects of the drug had worn off. I thought we should be undisturbed here. However, I soon saw that I was mistaken, for I noticed a small boat with two men pulling up to the shore about 30 meters from us. I immediately became alarmed and told Walls to stand up. When the men stepped from the boat, I turned from the river and told Walls to follow me.

As I made my way through the trees and shrubs, I could see the men were following us. I was uncertain what they wanted, but one of them called out and asked whether we had any "powder." Apparently he thought we had some kind of drugs, and he wanted to try to obtain them from us. I got a closer look at one of the men and thought he looked familiar (he resembled the actor Dennis Farina in his role as Angelo Buono in the movie "The Case of the Hillside Stranglers").

The men were gaining on us, and I picked up my pace. Walls, however, was lagging behind. I finally reached the top of a steep decline cluttered with discarded bottles and cans. As I headed down it, I looked back, and saw that the men appeared to have overtaken Walls and passed him. They were still hurrying toward me.

As I headed down the steep bank, I pondered my strategy. I was carrying a stick which I thought I could use to defend myself. I thought when I got to the bottom of the hill I could suddenly turn around and use my stick or a bigger one which I might find. The men would be coming so fast down the hill that they wouldn't be able to stop their momentum. I would be able to hit them without their being able to resist.

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