Dream of: 06 May 1995 "Power Plant"

Carolina was sitting behind me on a motorcycle which we were riding through the country. It was a good-sized bike, probably about 650 cc, and I felt a sense of freedom by being on it. It was a nice day and we passed through a picturesque landscape of small farms and green fields.

As I enjoyed the surroundings, I gradually realized Carolina was no longer sitting behind me. Instead, I could hear her sweet voice off in the distance. She had gotten off to talk to someone, and I thought I would pick her back up shortly.

Meanwhile I became more absorbed in the surrounding countryside, until I finally realized I had come into a forested area with trees all around me. As the road began going up the side of a large hill or small mountain, I was surprised to find such a lovely area so close to where I lived. I had thought I would have had to travel far away to find such a place: but here was a beautiful area practically in my own back yard.

Suddenly I felt a blast of cold air, and I realized I had gone so far up the hill that the temperature had dropped. Indeed, there was even snow and ice on the ground, and I was having trouble handling the cycle as I continued up the hill. Finally I leveled out on top. I was expecting to have a view of the surrounding countryside, but instead, I just saw more rolling land and all around me. Still, it was a pleasing sight, and I continued riding through it, until I saw a sign which said, "Power Plant - One Mile."

It vaguely seemed that I had heard about this power plant, but I had never been there before. It looked as if this would be a good opportunity. However, something else slowly began to bother me: I realized I couldn't hear Carolina's voice anymore. Indeed, I hadn't been hearing it for quite a while, and I slowly began to realize that I had simply driven off and left her out there in the middle of nowhere, without even thinking about the fact that she didn't have a motorcycle. How was she going to get back? I felt a little confused, because I didn't see how I could have just left her there without any transportation; but apparently I had.

However, I still wanted to go on and see the power plant. If I went back for her now, I wouldn't make it to the power plant. It didn't take me long to decide: I had to go back for Carolina. I turned the bike around and started heading back down the hill.

Now I realized I had another problem. I couldn't simply start driving down the hill because I wouldn't be able to control the bike on the ice and snow. Instead I had to keep my left foot on the ground and let the bike slide sideways down the hill. With my left hand I began grabbing trees and shrubs along the side of the road to check me from loosing control. I would grab something, stop sliding, then let go and slide a little farther until I would grab something else. Gradually I continued the descent.

But just as I made it to the bottom, I confronted yet another problem: an ocean was right at the bottom of the hill. The waves would wash up and then recede over the road. I tried to control the bike as it slid toward the water, but before I could stop, the bike reached the bottom and a wave washed up over it, completely submerging it.

I knew I had to act quickly. As the water receded I pulled the motorcycle from beneath the water and jumped on it. I kicked the kick stick and the motor started for a moment, then died. I kicked again, and again the motor started. I gave it the gas and black smoke spewed from the muffler. It sounded rough, but I thought it would be all right if I would just get moving. I pulled out, thinking how difficult it was going to be to find Carolina at this point. It was probably ten miles back to where I had left her, and at this point, I wasn't even sure of the way.

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