Dream of: 05 May 1995 "I Have Moved My Fort"

I was walking across a desolate, bleak area where there appeared to have once been a forest which had been decimated. Here and there a dead tree rose from the muddy brown clay. I came to a place where a large trench seemed to have been dug, and then partially filled back in. Beyond the trench I could hear the voice of a woman.

As I listened, although I couldn't see the woman, I knew she was standing on stage in a magnificent auditorium filled with well-dressed people. She was speaking in either Spanish or Italian, and I had the feeling that she was wondering whether her English-speaking audience grasped the meaning of everything she was saying. As I focused in on her voice, I also heard another sound in the background – the sound of one person clapping. It was rather distracting, and I wondered if anyone else was distracted. As if in answer to my question, I heard the woman call out to the man who was clapping, "You bigmouth!"

Obviously she wanted him to stop. But he continued without a break, and soon I detected that another person had joined in and was also clapping. It seemed obvious to me that they were clapping in approbation of what the woman was saying, and they weren't trying to disrupt her. And soon more people joined in until a thunderous applause filled the air.

When the applause died down, I saw a figure standing out in front of me in the gray landscape. He appeared to be a medieval king. I couldn't see him well but thought he was wearing a crown, and had a mantle cloaked around him. I sensed that he had a full beard and was probably in his late fifties. I discerned that what I was seeing was tied in with what the woman had been saying on the stage, as if this were a continuation of the story she had started.

Another figure appeared, a second king riding a horse toward the first king. The second king looked roughly like the first king, only the second king appeared to be holding (vertical to the ground) a spear, or a staff with a banner. I immediately had the impression that the two kings were allies in a war. There appeared to be a lull in the battles and the second king had taken the opportunity to ride out to the first king. Trotting up on his horse, the second king called out to the first king, "King Henry! King Henry!"

When the first king looked in the direction of the second king, the second king called out, "I have moved my fort as surely as heaven has moved her will!"

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