Dream of: 28 April 1995 "Festive Atmosphere"

In a daze, I had walked into the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse to write a dream. Although it was 2 a.m., it was light outside, and my grandmother Mabel was in the kitchen doing something. I sat at my computer, trying to write, but having great difficulty. Suddenly outside the window on the rear side of the house, I saw someone pull up. Looking out I saw a large blue John Deere tractor sitting in the driveway. But when I looked closer I saw the tractor was on a trailer which had been pulled by a pickup truck. I then remembered my step-grandfather Clarence had gone somewhere to pick up the tractor, and obviously had just returned.

I walked out through the enclosed back porch and onto the concrete porch area to greet him. Coming toward me, he looked as if he were only about 50 years old and had dark black hair. Just as he had almost reached me, a voice behind him called out an unfamiliar name. Looking in the direction of the voice, I saw a tall sturdy police officer walking quickly toward Clarence. Both of them reached me at the same time and turning to the police officer, I told him Clarence's last name.

The officer didn't seem to understand at first what I was talking about, so I repeated my words again. Since the officer had called out a strange name at first, I didn't think he knew Clarence's last name. But he finally seemed to understand, and turned to Clarence.

The officer quickly made it known that Clarence had been speeding and that he (the officer) had been following him for quite a while. Plus, the officer seemed concerned about why Clarence would be on the road so late at night. Clarence began vociferously but politely arguing with the officer. The officer moved close to Clarence's face, as if trying to detect whether Clarence had been drinking any alcohol. The officer seemed unable to detect any odor of alcohol and backed away.

Clarence then introduced to the officer another man who was standing beside them but whom I hadn't noticed before. The other man (probably in his 30s) had a reddish beard which covered his face. He was wearing a cap and bib overalls. Clarence pointed out that this man had been driving another truck in front of the one Clarence had been driving, and he (Clarence) seemed to think this helped prove the speed limit hadn't been broken.

Meanwhile other people began showing up. Everyone by now had moved up to the porch. I noticed one attractive, well-built, black-haired woman. She was wearing a red dress and looked as if she were about 20 years old. As she stood beside the policeman, I heard him ask her if she knew who I was. About the same time a second policeman walked up behind me and before I knew it, put one of his arms around my neck and held me. Apparently the police were now suspicious of me. But the woman apparently knew me, and when she told them I was Clarence's grandson, I was released.

By now 15-20 people were gathered on the porch, and the atmosphere turned festive. The black-haired woman pulled out a guitar and began playing and singing. Carolina showed up. She looked as if she were only about 16 years old and was wearing braces. I recalled that she and I had recently split up, and that we were no longer seeing each other. But neither of us was incommoded by the presence of the other.

Quite a few young men had shown up by that time. I realized they were there because of Carolina and the black-haired woman. I myself was interested in the black-haired woman, but I didn't think she was interested in me – especially when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and saw that I had put on quite a bit of weight and that I even had a double chin. It looked hopeless.

I was then surprised to see Lane had shown up. He looked as if he were about 30 years old. I was happy to see him since it had been so long since I had last seen him. I was also thinking it was strange to see him, because I had had several dreams about him over the years. In fact, I remembered I had just had a dream about him about two weeks earlier – a dream in which taxes had also been a theme. When Lane saw me, he spoke, and I was stunned to hear him say something about taxes. But then I heard someone else laugh and I knew I had told someone my dream about Lane and that person had told Lane. Thinking how weird it would be if he had by chance started talking about taxes after I had had a dream about him and taxes, I said, "That would be too strange."

Turning to the person next to me, I realized this was also Lane. It was a bit disconcerting to see one Lane on the other side of the porch, and another one standing next to me, but I didn't let it bother me. I said to the Lane standing next to me, "I had a dream about you about two weeks ago."

I wanted to tell him I had had many dreams about him over the years. I thought many dreams had had to do with drugs. I thought later I might be able to pull up the dreams from my computer in which he had appeared and read them to him.

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