Dream of: 27 April 1995 "1912"

As I walked through the market area of a small town where I had just arrived, a fellow (probably in his mid 20s) began walking along beside me. He was soon joined by a half dozen or more companions who quickly gathered around me, closing me in. Just as we reached the end of the market and were standing before a door, I either dropped, or they knocked, something from my hand. The object lay on the ground just in front of the door. I realized these fellows meant to do me harm, and that if I bent over to pick up the object they would push me through the door and attack me on the other side. So instead I made a quick step to the side, spun around and stepped up to the counter of a merchant who was vending his wares.

I recognized these scoundrels: they were an evil lot of inhuman creatures who went from town to town, infecting the townspeople with a disease that made them die or turn themselves into one of the creatures. I had just escaped from such a town. The entire town where I had been had been infected by these creatures. And now they were here.

I looked around the stand at the items for sale. A man was standing behind the counter ready to take my order. Finally my eyes lit upon a red-handled hatchet sitting on the floor, and I asked him to give it to me. The hatchet had a blade on one side and a hammer on the other. The creatures had gathered around me, but when they saw the hatchet in my hand, they backed off. I was serious, and they knew it. Along with the hatchet, the man gave me a plastic box which contained a half dozen pairs of black scissors of various sizes. The scissors came with the hatchet; I began sticking them in my pants pockets. I was going to need all the defense I could muster. I also found a small round tool; a razor blade could be put in its end for cutting. It could also come in handy; I put it in my pocket.

The creatures were still hovering around me; I asked the man if he had anything bigger than the hatchet; an ax would be more appropriate. The creatures, seeming to realize that now wasn't an appropriate time to attack me, backed away and seemed to disappear.

The man behind the counter didn't have an ax. I could tell he was curious why I would need the hatchet or an ax. I decided to try to warn him of the impending disaster. I tried to explain to him that the men he had just seen around me were really not human, that they were evil spirits which had come to destroy the people of this town. I told him I had just come from a town where the creatures had been, and the entire town had been laid to waste. The man looked at me as if I were crazy, smiled and scoffed at what I had said.

Just as I was about to leave the counter, I realized another man was standing on my left. I immediately recognized him. He was elegantly dressed in a black stove-pipe hat and a pale white jacket with tails and a white pants. He was probably in his fifties and had black hair and a black mustache. He was tall and slender. I had met him before; he was one of the evil creatures.

I slammed the hammer side of the hatchet down on the counter to show him I meant business. But I quickly realized this creature wasn't here to harm me at the moment. In fact I had the feeling that he rather liked me, and that he somewhat regretted my being besieged. And I, even realizing who and what he was, held some affection for him. As I turned from the counter and walked away, going back in the direction in which I had come, I allowed him to walk along with me on my left. At one point I made a feint by lifting my hatchet in the air as if I were going to strike him; and he cringed away. But I couldn't break open his head here in public. No one else knew that he was infected. I would be accused of murdering an innocent man. Besides he posed no threat to me at the moment, and in fact he seemed somewhat ill and weak.

He also seemed quite melancholy and as we reached the end of the market, he became rather loquacious; he seemed to want to tell me something. As he talked, I realized he was trying to tell me that he wasn't like the other creatures that had just confronted me. He said they had come from Istanbul, where they had first swarmed from the east in 1909. I thought it was now around 1910, so that had been fairly recently. He went on to explain that he himself had come from Turkey, but he hadn't come with the others, that he had lived in Turkey much longer.

By this time he seemed to be speaking prophetically and began talking of things to come. He said that someone would be bitten by a "Diane Pereney" in 1912 and become one of the creatures. I had never heard that name before. This news caught me by surprise, because I thought he might have said that I would be the one who would be bitten; but I couldn't be sure. He began walking up some marble steps toward the door of a large building. I stayed at the bottom and hollered up to him to repeat what he had said. I wanted to know if I was fated to become one of the creatures, or if there was some way to escape. But he didn't turn back; he continued on, leaving me with my troubled thoughts.

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