Dream of: 26 April 1995 (2) "Marbles And Toy Soldiers"

I was standing in back of the Gay Street House when I noticed a tower in the corner near the alley where the garage used to be. The tower looked as if it were made of sandstone and was probably ten meters tall. Its shape reminded me of a minaret, and I wondered if there were a way to get to the top. Looking at the garage of the house next door, I saw that the roof of the garage was fashioned as a deck with lounge chairs sitting around. I also saw a door on the roof which apparently led to the bottom of the garage. That door seemed on the same level as the top of the tower, and I thought if a door led from the roof of the garage to the bottom of the garage, a door on top of the tower probably led to the bottom of the tower.

I began circling the tower until finally I saw a door and realized it was slightly open. It didn't occur to me that I was now going into the top of the tower, but I was. Just as I stepped inside the door, a man walked up outside, and asked me something. He was looking for my father; I told him my father was in the House. He turned away, and I began looking over the inside of the tower.

Along one wall were some shelves which appeared to have black pieces of coal on them. But some of the pieces looked as if they had been chiseled and carved into interesting works of art.

On another wall were some more shelves with various items stored on them. As I began looking at them, I realized these were things which I had stored here long ago. I had forgotten that I ever had them. One shelf was loaded down with marbles. I especially noticed some clear crystal marbles. On another shelf I saw some tiny toy soldiers about a half inch tall, and some small bronze knickknacks.

I finally found some books and some things I had written a long time ago. I began going through them thinking the papers might be important.

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