Dream of: 26 April 1995 "Aliens In Trances"

About 20 other people and I found ourselves living on a large spaceship. Only gradually did we realize we were in a distant galaxy and that we didn't know the way back to earth. What was more perplexing, we didn't know how we had reached this place, and indeed, we seemed to have lost parts of our memory.

Besides that, one fellow (in his mid 30s) started acting strange, and told us that no one should use the telephone. The fellow finally passed out, and when I looked up, all the others were sitting down and talking on different telephones. I realized the ship was headed in a definite direction and on a definite course.

I hollered out to the others to see what they were being told on the telephones. But they all had vacant looks on their faces as if they were in a trance. Suddenly as if solving a riddle, I knew what was going on. I realized some aliens had been exiled from their planet and sent to earth. Those aliens had inhabited the bodies of these people. The aliens were now trying to get back to their own planet. Only the fellow who had been acting strange wasn't an exile, but a type of guard, and that had been why he had told us not to answer the phone. But now he was unconscious and he couldn't keep the aliens from calling home on the phones, which they were doing.

However I still didn't have the mystery completely solved. What had happened to the actual people whose bodies had been taken over? And why did the aliens now seem to be in trances? I didn't know. But I was beginning to worry about what was going to happen when we all showed up back at the planet from which the aliens had been exiled.

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