Dream of: 24 April 1995 "Man With No Face"

Several people and I were on the roof of a four-story abandoned brick building. My brother Chris (12-13 years old) was here sitting in his wheelchair. He had an electric wheelchair, but was having trouble working it. I looked at it and saw that it ran on several batteries. I asked him if he had replaced the batteries lately, and he said he hadn't done so for several months. I told him he should replace the batteries every month. I also told him that I would be going to a department store later and that I would get him some batteries. I told him I would take him with me if he wanted, and he said he did.

I had to go somewhere else first, so I needed to leave. Normally we had a way of climbing down the outside of the building, but today I decided I was going to take some steps down through the inside, something I had never done before. I went down the steps until I reached the fourth floor which housed just one large empty room with a concrete floor. I continued on to the third floor, which was the same, except it was cluttered up with a lot of junk. I realized we never took the steps inside because it was dangerous; the ceiling might cave in or the floor might give way.

Plus, someone could be hiding in here and attack me. No sooner did I think this than I heard a sound as if someone were snoring. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. I noticed in one corner a large pile of blankets, and thought it looked as if someone might be underneath them. I called out several times until finally a man (probably in his late 20s) emerged. He was slender with dark hair cut in a crew cut.

I could tell immediately that he didn't want me in his space. Nevertheless I spoke with him for a few minutes in an effort to appease him. When he finally seemed calm, and I was just about to continue down the steps, I realized he had set some booby traps to prevent anyone from going on the steps. He removed some rope, and then picked up a large tub of water. I thought the water might be boiling hot and he might try to pour it on me. I threatened him not to try such a thing. I showed no fear and realized I must immediately get the advantage. He backed away and I continued down the stairs.

On the next floor I encountered another man who was living here. However I didn't take the time to talk with him and I continued on to the bottom. I was thinking that I would start going out that way all the time. I would gradually get to know the two homeless men living there. Gradually they would realize I meant them no harm, and they wouldn't feel threatened by me.


I was lying down in a building next to the abandoned building. I was by a window on the second or third floor, and I could see across to the abandoned building. I thought I might see the two homeless men. But instead, on both the third and fourth floors, I saw a whole array of people through the windows. It looked as if bars had been set up and the people were inside drinking and having a good time. They were mostly men in their 20s and 30s. Some were dancing, and several female waitresses had joined in to dance with them. It looked as if the men were men who worked downtown, which was nearby, and after work they would come to the bars to party. I hoped no one saw me lying here and thought me strange for looking at them.

As I lay here, a fantasy began passing through my mind. I imagined that when I had left the abandoned building the first time, and had stepped outside, I had seen three young girls, perhaps four to six years old. One had dropped something (it looked like three socks), and I pointed it out to them. However I was careful not to touch any of the girls. I was afraid that by touching them someone might think I was trying to harm or molest them. I was just trying to be helpful.

But now I began building my own fantasy. What if I had pointed out the socks to one of the girls, and when she had come to pick it up, I had suddenly grabbed her arm? I could imagine the look of terror in her face. What if I had then managed to kidnap all three? Although I knew it would be difficult, I imagined myself eluding the authorities and escaping with the girls. I would have a house far out in the country where I would hide them in a room where no one would find them. There would be a nationwide hunt, but I wouldn't be found.

I would raise the girls there in the country. I would always be kind to them and never molest or harm them in any way. I would even let them write letters to their parents, and would tell their parents they could publish letters to the girls in newspapers which I would let the girls read. Of course mailing the letters would be tricky, because I would have to make sure the letters couldn't be traced back to where we were. Perhaps I would have a job which would require me to fly to different cities and I would mail the letters from different places every time. I might also occasionally write something in the letters. But I would have to be careful not to say anything which would give away who I was. For instance I couldn't say that I was a lawyer and that I was once married to a lawyer. That might be able to be traced back to me.

I imagined the years passing and the girls growing up to their early teens, having come to love and trust me. I imagined that one day the four of us were out on a small cabin cruiser which I had. One of the girls was water skiing behind the cruiser while the other two were sitting with me, but I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and actually had my back turned to the front of the boat. I seemed to hear a deep voice in the background talking about how I had always been so careful over the years, but on this day I made a terrible mistake.

Suddenly there was a crash. I was no longer the man, but was just watching the action take place. The man and the three girls were on land walking away from the accident scene. Some other people were standing there talking about how polite and nice the man had been after the accident, how he was the model of the way a person involved in an accident should act. They only wondered why he had refused any help to have anyone take him somewhere and had insisted on walking.

The man and the three girls continued a ways down a residential street, until he sent one of the girls ahead to do something. He then slipped around behind a house while the other two girls waited in front. When he returned, he looked completely different. He was dressed in dark green, but he had no face. His head was just covered with skin, like a lifeless mannequin. And there was something evil about the man. Even the two girls felt it. Now the inherent evil of the man was finally showing, now that he felt himself in danger. He hurried the girls behind the house, where he had found a pickup truck which he was going to steal.

What he didn't realize was that the people where the boat wreck had taken place were still watching him. They were shocked by what they saw, and were beginning to realize something wasn't right here. They were going to call the police, and it looked as if the man might finally be caught.

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