Dream of: 23 April 1995 "The Race"

I was riding a large white horse along a tortuous path up a craggy, rocky mountain. Several other men on horse were also with me, and we were racing against a man who was my father, who was up ahead of us. The path was dangerous and narrow in some places, and I had to get off the horse and lead it at times.

The horse and I were close friends and we loved each other. I knew without love, the horse wouldn't trust me to lead it over the narrow path. Nevertheless, at one point I had to blindfold the horse so it couldn't see just how easy falling off would be. I cautiously led the horse along a path barely wide enough to walk on. At one point we even had to jump over a gaping crevice, all while the horse was blindfolded. Fortunately its trust in me allowed it to follow me.

Just as we were about to enter into another difficult stretch, I looked back and saw a man who looked like a cowboy following us on foot. He was wearing a cowboy hat, had a large mustache, and looked as if he was about 40 years old. Although I could immediately tell he might present danger, I slowed up and allowed him to catch up to me. When he reached me he had four or five other men with drawn guns were with him.

They quickly informed me they were tracking someone they wanted to capture, and when they realized I wasn't that person, they told me I could go ahead. Just as I was about to move out, I asked who they were searching for. When they told me, I realized it was my father. I immediately knew I was in big trouble if they were to realize I was his son. But they didn't seem to know, so I started to leave.

However, before I departed I asked one of them a question. I knew a tunnel also led for a stretch up the side of the mountain, and I asked the man if he thought taking the tunnel would be better. He said the tunnel would take an additional four or five minutes. Since I was in a hurry to win the race, I didn't want to lose any time. But I also figured the tunnel would be safer; so I decided I would take it and I headed for its entrance.

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