Dream of: 21 April 1995 "Battle Of The Aliens"

I was sitting in the second row from the front in a movie theater, watching a show. It was fast moving, and reminded me some of the movie Pulp Fiction. It had a complicated plot which had kept my attention. The only thing which somewhat disappointed me was that I had thought the actor David Caruso was going to be in the movie, and I hadn't seen him; I concluded that it must be another movie in which he was appearing.

Although I was paying attention to the show, I was also involved with my immediate surroundings. I was sitting in about the middle of the row, with no one sitting to my left. However, a fellow (in his 20s) was sitting next to me on my right and other people were on the other side of him. I had the feeling the fellow didn't appreciate my close proximity, especially since I was continually making a disturbance. For instance once I started rocking the seats, and ended up going so far back that all the seats in the row touched the floor with their backs. But I quickly straightened them back up when I saw that the other people on my right were upset.

I also looked around at the people behind me. I specifically noticed one fellow a few rows back who had a look of utter horror on his face as he watched a scene in the movie. Another woman seemed perturbed by my looking back, and she said something to me about the mirror I was carrying. Indeed, I did have a mirror in my hand which had come off the side of a car. I had deliberately brought it into the theater with me. However I thought if anyone asked, I might tell them I had found it on the street just before coming inside the theater and therefore had no choice but to bring it with me.

Finally, I was somehow able to tear out the rest of the row of seats to my left. I pushed them back until they snapped, and then they just seemed to disappear, so that there was a long empty space from where I was sitting clear to the end of the row. Apparently someone reported me to the management, because a woman came down in front of me and began talking to me. She didn't ask me about the seats, but she did ask me if I had a mirror. Apparently she thought I was using it to look at people behind me, which I hadn't been doing. I had the mirror hidden under me, and I was able to avoid her questions. However she didn't seem satisfied with my responses, and as she walked away, I thought she might still return to cause me problems.

My attention now returned to the movie. But I had a couple distractions. First, I saw that some kind of shelves had been placed in front of me so that it was now difficult to see the screen. The shelves had no back, so I could see through them, but they divided the screen in half. I had to lean a bit in the direction of the fellow on my right to be able to see. Finally he moved over two seats, and I moved over where he had been. I could now see much better.

But now there was another distraction. Right next to me on my right was a machine which was somehow connected to the movie. The main part of it which was on a level with my face, looked like two rows of drill bits with about five bits in each row. As I looked down the rows, each bit was a little bit bigger than the one before it. The bits were going around and around and would rise and lower into the holes of a flat piece of metal. I didn't completely understand their connection with the movie, but knew the bits were intricately related to the action on the screen. I thought about touching the drills, perhaps even unscrewing them, but decided against it

The movie stopped for a moment as a small screen about ten foot by six foot was placed in front of the audience. The final scenes of the movie were going to be on this screen instead of the large one. It was all part of some new experiments the movie producers were trying. A piece of cloth was pulled from the screen and the movie began.

This time I became so engrossed in the movie, it seemed as if I were actually taking part in it. The final scenes were unfolding, and the last mysteries were being solved. As part of the action, I was being taken to a desolate mountain area. When we reached a certain spot, I saw what appeared to be a large receiving satellite, and I immediately realized that space aliens (just as I had suspected) were involved. In fact, I had been kidnapped by the aliens and brought to this place.

I was taken into a building where I saw many other people walking around. Only now I realized they weren't people, but aliens who looked like people. I was unsure whether the aliens just looked like humans, or whether they had taken over the bodies of some humans.

After I had been left alone for a while, I realized the aliens had made a mistake, and they now thought I was one of them, even though I hadn't yet been taken over. Through the glass windows of the room where I was sitting I could see many alien people walking around in the halls outside. Suddenly I recognized one of them: an Hispanic woman who had worked for me as a housekeeper. I now realized she had been an alien all along. I also realized if she saw me, she might give me away, and the others would realize I wasn't an alien.

Suddenly the scene changed and it was as if I was watching the action of the movie again. I had an aerial view of the building where I had been. I could see that it was one of perhaps a half dozen buildings in a desolate mountain area.

A deep voice was heard. From what was said, I understood that a second group of aliens from a different place was about to attack the first group of aliens. Suddenly large, red, disembodied, shrieking skulls appeared on the screen. They looked as if they were glowing and on fire. I thought they were great special effects (although I didn't realize it at the time, they looked very much like the Lost Souls on the game Doom). The heads seemed to be being fired from some device in space, and were shot toward the complex of buildings. Again I had the aerial view of the buildings and could see shots, like laser light, hitting the buildings. The humanoid aliens were running from the buildings, some trying to reach motor vehicles, to escape. But it appeared hopeless.

Since I was still relating to the person inside one of the buildings, I wondered how I was going to escape. I thought I would be able to, but I still wasn't sure.

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