Dream of: 18 April 1995 "Staring At Each Other In Church"

bow down to duty
a lifetime of purity
how quickly time flies

I was looking at a large map of Portsmouth, Ohio. The map was an ivory color with white lines on it, and looked more like the plans for a building than a map. I focused in on one area of the map which I identified as the place where Trinity Church should be. The area covered about a square inch on the map, which would be a substantial amount of land.

I recalled that Trinity Church was very large, and I thought it occupied an entire block. The map, however, seemed to indicate that the church now covered more than a block, and even extended past some railroad tracks about a block away from where I recalled the rear of the church to be. I remembered that I had gone to the church a few times with my father and my mother when I had been in high school, but that I hadn't crossed its threshold since.

From the map, it looked as if a large courtyard was behind the church. As I looked, I could visualize the courtyard: a large, grassy area, partially bordered by the church and partially bordered by green hedges. Gradually, either a memory or a fantasy came to my mind, in which another fellow and I - when we had both been only ten or eleven years old -  skipped school and took refuge in the courtyard of the church. Although I had the feeling that some nuns could see us in the courtyard, they did not report us and they left us alone.

Most interesting about the courtyard was a section which looked like a pool. Only instead of with water, the pool was filled with dark mud. Although I didn't know exactly what the mud was used for, I knew that it was very clean mud, and that bathing in the mud was possible. The idea of jumping into the mud and wallowing in it was quite pleasing, especially since I didn't think the nuns would mind. What did concern me was that my mother would discover that I had skipped school today. The only way she would probably find out, however, was if she were to look at my report card and see the number of days I had been absent. Since she usually wasn't very attentive to those details, I thought I would get away with it.

I was a bit concerned I might be late. My watch said five after twelve, and I knew the sermon started at twelve. When I saw a few other stragglers also headed for the door, however, I decided it must not be too late. It wasn't my custom to go to church, but I had decided to go this once. My wife Carolina had recently told me she had attended a service at the church and had enjoyed the sermon, which she said had been delivered by a preacher named "Schuster." So I had decided to go myself just to see what it was like.

I was also concerned that I might have trouble finding a seat, but once inside, I saw that only about half the seats were occupied, so there was plenty of room. Curiously, there were no pews - all the seats were metal fold-up chairs. Even more curious, about half the chairs were facing toward the back of the church instead of toward the front. Some people were even sitting in chairs so that they were looking right at each other. Since I certainly didn't want one of those chairs, I looked for a chair where I wouldn't have to look at anyone and where I wouldn't have anyone sitting right next to me. I had to walk down toward the front before I finally saw such a chair where I wouldn't have to be staring at someone.

When I sat down, I discovered another problem. The floor of the church seemed tilted in about a 60 degree angle toward the front, so staying seated without sliding out was difficult. Plus I was worried that when I put my helmet down it would roll away. Although uncomfortable, I was finally able to stabilize myself as I sat back and waited for the sermon to begin.

Commentary of January 25, 2015

The symbol of the church in my dreams represents different subjects in different dreams, yet still retains something of the same essential nature in all dreams.

In this dream, I could say that the "people who were staring at each other in church" could be seen as illustrating a metaphor for spirtual communication. Herein may lie a connection between the concept of the church and the concept of the Dream Journal, since it seems that "dream communication" might be defined as a sort of "spiritual communication." When dreams are mutually read by dream publishers, the dream publishers may communicate - in various "spiritual" ways - with each other, in their dreams.

When I speak of dream communication, I'm talking about two or more dreamers who read each others dreams and who send messages back and forth to each other in their dreams. Such spiritual communications may indeed be an essential part of the church-aspect of the Dream Journal. Simply dreaming about each other, however, in and of itself would not neccesarily entail fellowship, which would seem to be a vital part of a church.

Commentary of November 21, 2015

The name of the preacher, "Schuster," reminds of the word "shyster."

This idea of starring at another member in the church reminds me of the way dream publishers interact with each other on the Internet when they stare into each other's dreams and read each other's minds.

In this dream, 20 years ago, I was unprepared for such interaction, and I moved down toward the front of the church by myself. Now, however, I crave the mutual reading of souls.

Commentaire de 18 novembre 2085

Par fois crois je que lire ces vieux rêves c'est fou. Mais par fois je crois que c'est la volontè de Dieu que je les lis et que je les publier, bien que j'ai ma propre vie que je dois suivre.

- Frank Whitfield, Paris, France

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