Dream of: 17 April 1995 "Gun From West Point"

I had returned to Baylor Law School, where I was planning to take some law classes. However, since I had already received my law degree, I was less than enthusiastic at the prospect of sitting through more classes.

As I walked around outside on the campus, I saw a large oak tree with a trunk about a meter in diameter. I took a run and leaped up onto the side of the tree, wrapping my arms and legs around it. I had heard that sometimes a person just needs to touch a tree, and this felt like the time for me. It felt good being so close to the tree, and I held on as tightly as I could. I also began shimming up the tree towards some large branches. The tree seemed tilted at perhaps a 60 degree angle, which made my progress much easier. I stopped once and rested. It felt so good, I thought I could probably even go to sleep here without falling off.

When I was rather high, I looked back down and wondered if I hadn't come up too high. I could see people walking around down below, and I particularly noticed two young fellows in a nearby parking lot. Each had a black hand gun. It looked as if they were going to shoot each other. They did began shooting; but it became evident they were only playing, and it looked as if harmless darts came out of the guns.

When I looked back down at the base of the tree, I was surprised to see a man standing there looking up at me. He was probably about 40 years old; he was slender and wearing glasses. It irritated me that nobody could seem to leave me alone. I wasn't hurting anyone up here in the tree, even though it might look a little peculiar.

I quickly became even more irritated when I looked again and saw the man trying to climb up the tree. I thought to myself, "Great. He's coming up here."

Where was he going to fit? I had moved around so I was now able to prop myself up on a large limb, and I might be able to make room for him, but I still didn't want him up here. I looked at him again and noticed he seemed to be loosing his grip and was slipping around to the side. It looked as if he were about to fall. Although I didn't want him up in the tree, I also didn't want to see him hurt himself. But right before my eyes I watched him slip and fall to the ground. With a weak voice I hollered, "Are you O.K."

As he stood and brushed himself off, he said, "I screwed myself."

Then, to my amazement, he was somehow able to reach up to a branch over my head, but apparently hanging down to the ground, and pull himself up above me. It all happened so fast, I could hardly believe it. I now saw he was a black man with a rather sinister look on his face. As he settled in above me, I also noticed that he was carrying a rifle on his back, and that he was reaching to get it with his hands. At the same time he said, "I told you I had a gun from West Point."

I immediately realized that this man knew me from somewhere and that he had a grudge against me. He obviously intended to try to shoot me. Without hesitation I began shimmying as quickly as I could down the tree. At the same time, thinking the man's actions were particularly indecent, I hollered out, "Gross!"

I quickly sought shelter behind a wall, hardly able to believe I had escaped so easily.

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