Dream of: 16 April 1995 "Lothar"

As I was working as a laborer at a factory, a woman carried in and showed me a naked, baby boy which had been born less than a day ago and which I realized was mine. After I had touched the baby for a moment, the woman carried the baby away. In succession a second, third and fourth baby boy were brought in, and I looked at each one. I realized that all together I had sired 10 baby boys, all brothers, and that I was now being shown all, one by one.

By the time the fifth one was brought in, they were all beginning to look alike, and I was growing tired of the ceremony. I almost didn't bother to touch this one, but then I thought I should at least touch it and show some affection toward it. When I did reach out and touch it, I saw an immediate reaction on the baby's face. The eyes of all the other babies had been closed, but this one slightly opened its eyes. I took the baby in my arms, and when I spoke to it, it moved as if it were trying to respond. I set it down in front of me and continued speaking to it. It could obviously hear my voice, and by now had its dark brown eyes completely open. I asked him if he were "ready for work," and he replied, "Ready for work."

I could hardly believe my ears. It didn't seem possible that a one day old bay could talk. I turned to some fellow workers to see if anyone else had heard him. They stopped what they were doing to listen.

However our activity was soon interrupted. Our boss stepped into the large room where we were and made an announcement. He was probably in his late 30s, slender and had frizzy hair. He looked as if he might have been Jewish. He asked if anyone would volunteer to go with him to another location to help with some extra work.

I definitely didn't want to go. Three other men were also in the room with me, and no one volunteered. I figured they were all tired, just as I was, after working all day. We certainly didn't want to go off and work all evening. The boss was clearly disappointed and irritated. He spouted off that some day we would want something from him, and we wouldn't receive it. It bothered me that he would say such a thing, and I began to wonder whether perhaps I should volunteer to go help him. I asked him what kind of work it was, and he pulled out a newspaper to show me.

On the front page of the newspaper was a large picture. It showed a long street filled with hundreds of dead bodies. Some of the bodies had been covered by a long canvas. My boss said we had to go and dispose of the bodies. He said the place was in Eastern Europe in a place called "Lothar." Someone else looking at the picture said it looked more like Cuba. I was really rather confused by what I was seeing and I couldn't exactly determine where it was. But I thought Lothar sounded more like an European than a Cuban name.

I wondered how the bodies were to be disposed of. Would they be carried away, or burned on the spot? It looked as if it might be dangerous to go there. How had so many people been killed?

As if in answer to my question, the picture became animated, and as if it were a newsreel, I was able to see the event unfold before my eyes.

A large group of people had been protesting in the street. Four soldiers had been stationed in front of the people, and suddenly the soldiers began firing rifles into the crowd. Pandemonium ensued as the soldiers continued firing and the crowd tried to disperse. Suddenly, someone began firing back at the soldiers. I saw one soldier struck in the back and watched his shirt fill with blood. It looked as if all four soldier were quickly shot and fell over.

One soldier was lying on his back, still alive. He was probably in his early 20s, and looked around him as if he were in shock. A black-haired woman from the crowd had fallen or crawled up next to him. She also appeared to be wounded. In her hand she held a large knife. She pulled herself up next to the fallen soldier, and placed the point of the knife on his chest. The soldier looked at her with his blue eyes. He didn't seem to comprehend what she was doing, and even if he did, was too weak to do anything about it.

The woman was too weak to thrust the knife into his breast. Instead she held it with one hand and began pounding on it with the other. I couldn't actually see the knife going into the man's breast, but it was obvious what was happening. It was so graphic I was surprised the news film was showing as much as it was. The woman continued pounding on the knife until it looked as if it was halfway into his chest. The man was obviously about to die. He gave one last poignant look at the woman, then with a look of painful resignation, lowered his head backwards, and looked as if he were about to close his eyes.

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