Dream of: 15 April 1995 "Cruise Ship Green Beans"

As I was sitting on the railing of a large, white, cruise ship, something caused the ship to lurch, and I toppled off the railing. I didn't fall off the ship, but back inside the ship. As I fell, my body remained rigid in the same sitting position that I had been in when I had been sitting, so that when I landed on my side on the deck I retained the same shape I had had while sitting on the railing. I did this on purpose, thinking that the people around me would be fascinated to see my ability fall without moving.

The problem was that when I landed on the deck, there was about two inches of water there. Lying on my side, my nose was completely covered with water, so I couldn't breathe. Although my eyes were closed, I could clearly feel the water. I wished I had taken a deep breath before I had fallen, because I knew I could hold my breath for a long time. But now I doubted that I would be able to lie here long. I wondered if anyone were looking at me. I remained rigid, determined not to move. But finally I felt my air giving out and I knew I had to do something. I realized the left side of my mouth was above water, and I opened it slightly so I could barely breathe in. I took a few breathes, trying not to suck in any water at the same time, until I became concerned that someone might see me breathing. Realizing I couldn't continue my act, I slowly began moving my body, acting as if I were simply awakening.

I stood up, and without even noticing if anyone were near me, I picked up a towel and headed towards a bathroom to take a shower. As I walked through a small, cruise-ship dining room, I noticed four people seated at a table getting ready to eat. They had a bowl of green beans on the table. I knew that a man sitting at the table was responsible for providing the green beans, that he was a professional grower of green beans. He was tall, slender and had black hair, and was probably about 40 years old.

I had previously eaten some of the green beans, and as I passed the table, I complemented the man on how good they had tasted. He said something back to me and I asked him whether he raised them himself. To myself I couldn't see how he could raise them himself if he were able to take cruises on ships like this. I thought he probably had some farm hands, perhaps Mexicans, whom he employed to raise the beans. He responded that he did raise the beans himself, but that he also had helpers who worked for him. He asked me why I wanted to know.

I told him I was just curious because the beans had tasted much like the ones my grandmother, Mabel, and my step-grandfather, Clarence, used to raise. I told him my grandparents used to raise a garden and would pick the beans straight from the garden, bring them to the house and cook them. Those beans had been delicious. I told the man his beans tasted similar to their beans. He seemed to appreciate the compliment. I turned and headed on to the bathroom for my shower.

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