Dream of: 07 April 1995 "On Vacation"

As I lay in bed, I gradually realized I had just awakened from a dream and tried to remember it. But I felt fatigued by trying to dig up the details, and wondered whether I should just skip recalling and writing my dream this morning. Perhaps I was spending too much time in the unreal world of dreams and neglecting the real world around me.

At the moment, I indeed had something to occupy my attention in the real world: a large, brown panther was roaming through the house. The panther belonged to a woman who indistinctly seemed like Carolina. She had tamed the cat so she could pet and play with it without fear of its attacking her. Although the cat didn't attack me, it seldom came close enough for me to pet it. This morning however, it seemed friendlier than usual, and after jumping back and forth across me on the bed a couple times, it settled down next to me. I reached out and with some trepidation began petting its sleek fur. I knew if it decided to bite me, I would be in trouble. And indeed, it opened its mouth and began to clamp down on my left hand. It wasn't biting hard enough to hurt or break the skin; but still I didn't trust it and called out to the woman to take it away.

The cat left me of its own accord, and I once again tried to remember my dream. I could remember being on a beach watching large waves break on the shore. Carolina and I had gone to a tropical island for a vacation, and I had walked off to the beach to look at the waves.


Carolina and I were walking along through a tropical area where we were on vacation. We had veered off the tourist path and had come across an old, white-haired man with a white beard sitting on the ground. In front of him he had constructed a small building from gray clay. The building was about a foot square and done in elaborate detail, with many windows and doors. It looked like an office building. When he saw us admiring his handiwork, he thrust his fingers into the top of the clay, and right before our eyes, rearranged the building. He took off one side, scooped out the middle, and quickly transformed it into what appeared to be an amphitheater (only square instead of round), with a stage in the middle.

I was quite impressed with his obvious talent. But I wondered how he could live by his art. I assumed he sold some of his works to tourists like myself, but judging from the barren countryside around us, I thought it must be a hard life. He replied that it wasn't hard at all. He motioned to the surroundings (which I noticed were actually quite lush) and told me he could find what he wanted to eat there. He said that fruit grew in abundance and that all he had to do was go there and pick it. He specially said that "plantains" were plentiful.

I stepped away from him and looked around me. How much I would like to live in a place like this – to be able to just walk outside and pick from the trees what I needed to eat. I would like to move here. I thought how every time Carolina and I went on a trip somewhere, I always just wanted to stay and never return to where I was living. This was no exception.

But my reverie didn't last long, and Carolina and I continued walking, finally entering a building with other tourists. The building was filled with things for tourists to buy. Most everything looked like good quality. But I wasn't really in the market. My house was already filled with things and I didn't need to buy anything else. Still, I rather enjoyed looking.

The room we were in contained mostly high quality wood furniture. I noted how the wood was heavy and solid. I saw some nice kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Some other cabinets had an interesting Formica covering their front. But one cabinet's Formica was broken in the front. I pointed it out to Carolina and told her it should be repaired.

I noticed some plastic toy airplanes hanging on strings, and thought that was the type of thing most tourists would buy and take home.

We walked through a door into a back room where still more tourists were gathered. On the floor I noticed some pieces of stained glass which had been arranged together in various designs. I walked through them and noticed several designs of turkeys. I managed to slip and fall on one of the glasses; but to my relief it was quite solid and I didn't break it. I just slid along on its surface. I noticed a black man, his wife and child (obviously tourists) watching me. They seemed amused by my antics.

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