Dream of: 06 April 1995 "Face Change"

I was looking at myself in a mirror. I was getting ready to go on a trip to Paris, and I was thinking about how I would look when I got on the plane. Since I wouldn't know anyone there, I thought I could dress however I wanted. In fact I was thinking about completely changing my appearance, changing it into something more radical.

I could start with my hair, straw-colored blonde and about six inches long all over. Uncombed, my hair was tangled and hanging in all directions. I thought I would just leave it like that. I noticed that some parts of my hair looked as if they were braided together, and I began wondering what it would be like to have my hair braided in small braids all over as I had seen black people do. I wasn't sure it was possible for my hair to be braided that way. Maybe black hair had a certain characteristic which made it possible.

But the more I looked in the mirror, the more I could imagine my hair in small, short braids all over. At the same time my appearance began to change. My skin turned dark and my face took on feminine characteristics until finally I looked like a brown-skinned woman with black, braided hair. I had never realized I had this ability to change that way and I was quite delighted. I liked the new look. I figured I could change back to my normal self when I wanted; but for now I was satisfied to board the plane and head to Paris the way I was.

However I still needed to check out my clothing. I took off my shirt and underneath I was wearing a black, sleeveless vest with nothing on underneath it. It was certainly striking, not at all like something I would normally wear. Yet now it seemed perfect for the trip, and I felt I was ready to leave.

As I turned to leave, I saw a line of people going out of the room, and I noticed Whoopi Goldberg among them. Her skin color was close to mine, and I noticed that it was difficult to tell whether she was a man or woman. Obviously she also had the ability to make the same kind of changes I had been making.

As I looked more closely around the room, I realized I was in a cafeteria, and other people were eating before boarding the plane for Paris. I hadn't eaten yet and thought it might be too late. Nevertheless I walked up to the serving line to see what there was. After looking over the food, I decided to get a bowl of green beans. The beans were in a large, metal pot, and I had to spoon out what I wanted. When I finished, I set my bowl down and looked at the deserts. I picked up some kind of chocolate cake with pudding on top, but clumsily managed to spill it on the floor. I quickly began scooping up the mess with my bare hands, finally using a couple napkins to wipe up the last of it.

When I looked back for my bowl of green beans, they were gone. I called out, "Somebody took my beans."

But no one paid any attention to me, and I realized the beans were gone. However, I saw another plate full of beans which had been fixed and put on one of the shelves of the counter. I picked it up and took a taste. A savory cheese sauce had been added, making it taste even better than the ones I had had at first. I sat it in front of me on the counter and continued looking. In the desert section I saw a piece of chocolate about two inches long shaped like an automobile. I plucked it up. I also grabbed another desert and then headed for the end of the line. I saw some red and white milk cartoons and debated whether to get one or two. Since they were pints instead of half pints, one might be enough.

I noticed another woman who was in line and who had a tray piled high with food. Since I didn't have a tray, I couldn't take that much, but I thought I had enough for now. I glanced up at a round, white clock with black hands on the wall. Both hands were pointed up to show it was twelve o'clock. I felt a little cheated because I hadn't had breakfast, and it looked as if lunch were now being served. But I did not have time to worry about that. I needed to eat and then make sure I knew what time the plane to Paris would be leaving. I thought it would be about 4 o'clock.

I thought about Craft. I doubted he would be on the plane to Paris.

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