Dream of: 02 April 1995 "Gravekeeper"

I was responsible for taking care of the graves at a large cemetery. I was mainly concerned with caring for some plants growing on the graves, and I was presently occupied with a small plant on one grave. The plant was only about a foot tall and consisted of perhaps half a dozen thin, dark green leaves coming out of the ground. I propped some rocks around it to hold the leaves up and thought I might also pour some sand around it.

I had brought three shallow cardboard boxes filled with rocks with me, and had left them sitting not far from me. When I turned back to them, I found that all the rocks had been taken out by people who had come to the graveyard to fix up graves. I knew that a special day was coming up and everyone wanted to fix up the particular graves in which they were interested. I wasn't upset because the rocks were gone. I thought there was at least a little sand left in the three boxes, and I would be able to use it.

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