Dream of: 31 March 1995 "Martial Arts Class"

I was at my first day of a martial arts class where 20-30 male students were gathered together on a large pad. I was somewhat conspicuous because the teacher and all the other students were oriental. It was difficult to judge the teacher's age. He was only about five feet tall, which made him seem young to me, since I'm almost six feet tall. He was probably in his late 30s. He was well proportioned and seemed in good shape.

Apparently the teacher's method was to practice himself with the students, who seemed in their late teens and early 20s. One by one the teacher fought with the individual students, and quickly succeeded in defeating each one. The manner of fighting seemed to be wrestling or judo, with some karate moves thrown in.

As I was watching, without warning, the teacher jumped into the air, turned his body parallel to the floor and gave me a kick in the chest. I didn't even feel the kick, but was surprised to have received it. I immediately realized it was a challenge from the teacher, and I faced off with him. We clashed together like two wrestlers and fell to the floor. After we each tried several moves on each other to get the upper hand, I gained the advantage and was able to hold him down. As we continued, he was able to escape from me several times, but each time I again was able to hold him down. Finally, I managed to lay on top of him and hold him in such a position so he couldn't move. Since he didn't say anything, I just continued to hold him down.

I thought he probably felt humiliated to be bested by one of his own students in front of all the other students. He was probably too embarrassed to get up. After I had held him pinned down for quite a while, I finally stood up. He also stood up and looked right at me.

Only then did I see that he wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact he complemented me on what a good job I had done, and indicated I had some special abilities. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that we still had another 20 minutes of class, but he said the class was over and we headed toward the door. The teacher kept talking to me, and quickly let me know that he had some special plans for me, that would begin tomorrow. He mentioned that the next day everyone would be doing a one hundred meter dash; everyone except me. I would be doing a two hundred and seventy meter dash.

Two hundred and seventy meters! I thought to myself. How far was that? That was more than two football fields. Was the teacher picking on me because I had beaten him? I wasn't even sure I could run two hundred and seventy meters. And how did he expect to teach me when I was already better than he?

But slowly he began to make sense. Could Mike Tyson's trainer beat Tyson in the ring? Just because I could beat my teacher, that didn't mean he still didn't have something to teach me. This was just my first day. I didn't know what I had in store for me, but I felt as if I had just begun to learn. Maybe the teacher did have something to teach me. I thought I could run two hundred and seventy yards. It might even take off a little excess weight.

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