Dream of: 28 March 1995 (2) "A Legal Product"

Another fellow and I had gone to a residential area to sell some marijuana. Each of us had a baggie with about a quarter of an ounce of marijuana. I had once before sold marijuana there, but it had been quite a long time ago. We were in separate cars, and after we arrived, we went to different spots to sell the marijuana.


I was thinking about what I would do if I saw a policeman. I would first try to tear open the baggie and dump the marijuana. If I were stopped, I would refuse to answer any questions. I was uncertain whether I would say, "I refuse to answer any questions on the ground that it may tend to incriminate me" or simply "I refuse to answer any questions."


After I had sold my marijuana I got into my car and went to an electronics store containing mostly computer equipment. The other fellow was supposed to meet me there, but after I had been there for a while and he didn't show up, I became concerned.

The store was filled with young people (in their early 20s) buying computer products. I thought about how the other fellow who had been with me had developed a computer product which he could sell in this store. And it was legal! I hoped he would come soon so I could show him how he could make money doing something legal.

I realized that all the people in the store were college students and that we were in Austin, Texas. The place felt so vibrant, much more energetic than Dallas. I thought I would like to live there amidst all that energy. Of course I realized Dallas also had its good points. The people in Dallas were more serious. These college kids might be enthusiastic about something, but their enthusiasm might not last.

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