Dream of: 28 March 1995 "Rhinos And Knights"

I was upset because I didn't think my father and my mother were taking proper care of my brother Chris. Chris was about 15 and his muscular dystrophy had reached the advanced stage so he was completely bedfast and could hardly move. Even though he had to lie on his back in bed all the time, my parents had restricted the amount of time which he could watch television. I thought such a restriction was cruel, and I was determined to do something about it. If necessary, I would turn my parents in to the authorities and seek to have their custody of Chris revoked. Of course – who would then take care of Chris? I immediately determined I would take custody of him and care for him myself.

I was walking along a path in the country, headed to where Chris was staying. When I stepped on something which pricked my foot, I realized I was barefoot. That was another thing: if I were going to take care of Chris, I was going to have to start living a more principled life; and one of my principles was that I didn't need shoes. As I limped along, picking the burrs from me, I determined I would start going barefoot.

I turned a sharp curve to the right, and looked up ahead of me through the trees to the spot where Chris was supposed to be. With a shock I stopped in my tracks. Standing where Chris should be, about 20 meters away, was a large gray rhinoceros beside a big tree.

I stared in disbelief, studying the detail of the animal, marveling at its obvious power, at its thick, gray skin. I had never seen a rhino in the wild before. If it hadn't been so real, I would have thought I was dreaming. And yet even though I thought I wasn't dreaming, I thought a rhino had some special significance, that it symbolized something definite. Where had I heard that? I was sure that somewhere I had faced the riddle of the meaning of rhinos as symbols, but I simply couldn't remember where.

Whatever the rhino symbolized, I remembered it was dangerous, and I began backing away, hoping it hadn't seen me. Just as I had backed around the corner, but was still looking around the edge at the rhino, I was astonished to see a second rhino walk up to the first one. Without wasting time, the two rhinos faced off and smashed their horns into each other to begin a spectacular fight. I was mesmerized by the show of power which they exhibited as they thudded and thudded against each other. How fast they could thrust their bulky forms. Their strength was awesome.

As they battled, the rhinos moved behind the large tree into the underbrush. Now I had difficulty focusing on them. Trying harder, I saw other movement behind the tree ... was a whole herd of rhinos back there? As one of the forms moved away from the others and closer toward me, I saw it more clearly. When it moved in my direction, I crouched down in fear, realizing what it was: a knight completely covered in dull, silver armor – his visor down – seated on a dark, majestic horse. In his right hand was a long, silver spear held vertically. The horse and rider were a picture of power.

Since I was down in a little ravine, as the knight rode up near me, he was above me – I hoped he didn't see me. Again, as with the rhino – but much less strongly – I realized the knight in armor on his horse meant something; I just didn't know what. I only knew that the knight and horse represented danger, and that I wanted to get away. As he passed, I stepped back and quickly ran to a barn which I had passed on my way there. I opened the door, thinking I might be able to hide in a pile of hay in the barn. But when I heard another door opening on the other side of the barn, I feared the hay would offer scant refuge. Perhaps I could climb into the loft; but I didn't even know if the barn had a loft. I could sense the knight entering the barn on the other side; I had the feeling he had been joined by other knights on horseback. I felt sure they were searching for me – I must find a place to hide at once.

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