Dream of: 27 March 1995 (2) "Lost Billfold"

I had gone on a trip to Mexico with a group of about 30 teenagers, all in their late teens; I was about the same age as they. We were all staying together in a large room with about 30 beds; males and females were together in the room. After we had been here for a week, one afternoon about 2 p.m., I realized my area had become a little messy and I began cleaning it up. Only now did I realize the other people, especially the females, kept their areas in good shape. I picked up some dirty clothes. I looked in a drawer along a wall with other drawers where I kept my clean clothes and I saw I was running out. I opened someone else's drawer by mistake and I saw a whole stack of clean beige pants which that person still had. I felt deprived.

As I cleaned, I noticed some of the females playing cards. They had blonde hair and were very attractive, but I reflected that they didn't do much with their time. I hadn't been socializing much with anyone the whole time I had been here. Suddenly I remembered Conn (a former classmate from high school) had been with us when we had first arrived; but I hadn't seen her all week. She must have dropped out. I wished she were still there. She was a lot like me. She was shunned by the rest; I could talk with her.


My father, my mother and I had left the rest of the group to travel thorough rural Mexico. My father and mother hadn't had a very good time until now, and I told them they would feel better once we were out in the country. I also told them the country would be much cheaper – staying in the city had been quite expensive. As we were leaving we passed a clothing shop and my mother mentioned something about buying some Bill Blass clothes. My father and I both steered her away from the shop.

I reached around for my billfold in my back pocket and suddenly realized it wasn't there. I called out that I had lost my billfold. My mother gave me a knowing look and said my father had it. I looked at him and saw he was holding it in his hand. I asked how he had gotten it, and my mother said he had found it lying on the ground in a government building. I knew we had already visited a few places together and I figured I must have dropped it. My father must have found it and kept it without telling me. I still couldn't figure out how I could have dropped it.

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