Dream of: 26 March 1995 "Mary In Pacific Grove"

A group of perhaps 30 or 40 people were sitting close together in some bleachers. Similar to a host for a talk show, a host brought other people, one by one, in front of the bleachers. Each person would then relate a story or problem to the people in the bleachers, and the people in the bleachers would respond, offering advice or comments.

As the succession of people continued, one woman in the front row of the bleachers responded to every person brought before the bleachers. When one particular person was brought out, the host pointedly asked the woman to give her comments. With a smile, the woman good-naturedly responded that since she had been "designated" to respond to everyone, she would comply, and proceeded to do just that.

The woman in the bleachers was probably in her early 30s. She had straight black hair curled under at the neck and seemed to be wearing a clean, white, print dress which fell just below her knees. Her hairstyle and attire resembled something from the 1950s.

Although she was polite, to myself I questioned her responses, whether they reached the substance of the questions. She seemed eager to talk, but I wondered if she were not speaking more from some personal need than from a desire to actually respond to the problems being posed. As I listened to her speak, I began to think that she reminded me of someone. Slowly I realized she reminded me of a person whose entries I had read on the dream newsgroup on the Internet, a woman who signed her name as "Mary in Pacific Grove."

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