Dream of: 24 March 1995 "Swamp Animals"

I had arrived at a building sitting in the middle of large freshly plowed field. I vaguely thought the building belonged to my father, but I also thought that I had some tenuous title to it, and that I could use the building if I wanted. The building itself was quite unusual: it was constructed of dark wood and was three stories tall, although the third story wasn't completed.

I walked into the first floor, where I found an upscale haberdashery. I recalled a man who seemed vaguely related to me had invested quite a lot of money in the store. Since the store was so distant from anything, the success of the store was debatable; nevertheless the store was exceptionally appealing inside. However, the sparsity of clothes and suits actually in the store presented another problem; if a man wanted a suit, his measurements needed to be taken and the suit would have to be ordered.

I didn't stay long in the shop. I was more interested in the third floor, where I soon found myself. Since nobody was using the third floor, I was thinking of moving in here myself – even though it wasn't complete. Once I was on the third floor, I looked through a door out onto a porch which only had half of its boards on its floor. I hesitated to walk out onto the rickety porch, thinking it might not be safe. But cautiously I moved onto it.

I was first struck by the splendid view – I could see for kilometers in all directions. This would be a good place to live just for the view. Beyond a line of trees I could even see a body of water; slowly I realized I was looking at the Ohio River. I also gradually realized the house was somehow turning, and as it turned, I was able to see more and more of the river. Finally the view opened up so much I had a panoramic view of a long stretch of the wide river, a river for which I felt a special connection.

As the house continued turning, and I continued viewing the area around me, I seemed to be flying over what I was seeing instead of seeing my surroundings from the porch of the house. Amazed, I looked down on a rather swampy area; I was surprised to see a multitude of swamp animals. Large and small crocodiles or alligators were wallowing in the mud. I saw a large group of perhaps 50 olivaceous snakes writhing together. I could see large holes made by animals which looked like large river rats. It was obviously a forbidding place not meant for man, yet a compelling beautiful place. I hoped I wouldn't lose altitude and land there; but I also thought this place needed to be protected, so the surrounding farms wouldn't overrun it and destroy all the animals. As I felt myself once again back on the porch, I thought if I lived here, I must do something to protect the swamp animals.

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