Dream of: 23 March 1995 "Andrew Jackson"

I ran into judge Abramson (a tall, slender man with short brown hair, probably about 60 years old) and began having a conversation with him. I had had many cases before him in his courtroom. Since I didn't care for him (and I thought the feeling was mutual), I was surprised when he invited my wife Carolina and me to come to his house for dinner some evening. I thought he probably lived in a nice house in the better part of the city; I tried to envision the house in my mind. I could hardly imagine Carolina's and my going to his home. Abramson and I spoke for a while longer and then separated.

The next morning I was in a hurry to get to a class which Abramson was going to be teaching. It was the first day of class and I didn't want to be late. When I reached the school, I saw Abramson getting out of his car. The ground was covered with snow and he was bundled up in a long, dark coat. I was uncertain whether he saw me, but he didn't speak.

Once I was inside the schoolhouse, I realized I needed to get a thick book out of my locker. However as I walked down the hall looking at the lockers, I couldn't remember which one was mine. Other students were hurrying off to class; if I didn't find my locker soon, I would be late. I kept looking and looking, until finally I heard the bell ring. Abramson didn't like anyone to show up late to his class; I just hoped he would favor me enough not to cause me any problems.

I finally gave up on finding my locker and I headed to the class. I hadn't read the lengthy lesson; if I were called on, I would be in trouble. However, I thought the lesson had something to do with president Andrew Jackson, and since I was familiar with all the presidents of the United States, I thought I might be able to answer a question anyway.

When I walked into the classroom, I saw Abramson standing up front with some other students. Thinking he might not have seen me arrive late, I looked for a seat. Unsure which seat was mine, I took an empty one, hoping it was the correct one. No sooner had I sat down than Abramson called out my first name. However, he didn't sound harsh. In fact he almost sounded friendly, and I had the feeling he was going to give me special treatment in the class. I might be the only person he actually knew in the class. Since he knew I was a good student, he would probably rely on me to know the answers to questions when others didn't.

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