Dream of: 21 March 1995 (3) "Paper Butterfly"

Walls and I were walking along the railroad tracks near the old Williams shoe factory in Portsmouth. We both had fishing poles and were intending to fish there, even though there was no water. Walls threw his line down along the tracks and within a very short time pulled in a small fish. I was surprised to see he had caught the fish, and after untangling my lines, I looked to see where he had thrown his line.

I was surprised to find about ten racks of record albums sitting on the ground. Each rack had about 50 albums on it. Walls was throwing his line inside of the racks, where he said the fish were. It seemed incredible to me that the fish would be living inside the record albums, especially since there was no water there. Nevertheless, I tried to throw my line inside the racks. I put a little piece of yellow paper on the hook. I dangled it over the albums, hoping a fish would think the paper was a butterfly and grab at it. But I had no luck; I continued fishing for quite a while, but I didn't catch anything.

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