Dream of: 21 March 1995 "Road Trip"

Carolina and I had started out on a car trip with Stuart (fellow I once knew in Portsmouth) and Debbie O'Dell (woman I once knew in Portsmouth). I was driving. We had stopped at a cinder-block building along the road where we could obtain travel information. We found a man inside the building; and lying on a table were papers with the names and telephone numbers of various information services. For a fee, we could call one of the information services and obtain the information we needed.

Since I needed some specific information about our trip, I gave the fellow in the room 59 cents to make the call. I would also be charged for the time I was on the phone. When the fellow directed me to a phone outside, we all walked back outside, where I saw a phone. Another fellow who worked here was watching the phones. When I put a quarter in a slot in the top of the phone, he told me I didn't need to insert any money. Since the quarter hadn't fallen down, I pulled it back out.

I listened on the receiver for someone to come on. I waited and waited; I began complaining to the fellow that no one was answering the phone. Finally a voice came on and said the information I wanted wasn't available. By now, I was rather exasperated. I became even more upset when I looked at a digital screen on the phone and saw that I was being charged over $17 for the time I had been on the phone. I immediately complained to the fellow that I had received no information. Not only was I not going to pay, but I wanted my money back. He understood what I was saying, and gave me a small, yellow, plastic piece to take inside for a refund. I knew the plastic piece was good for only 50 cents, and I thought I could also complain for the other nine cents. But I decided it wasn't worth it.

I had other things to think about. We had left from Texas and had originally planned to drive to Florida. But I was beginning to think Florida was too far. We might just drive through Mississippi, traveling from northern Mississippi to southern Mississippi. We might also visit western Tennessee. Since I was paying for the whole trip, we would probably not stay at very nice motels. Perhaps one or two nights we would stay somewhere nice; but I didn't want to waste a lot of money on motels.

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