Dream of: 20 March 1995 (3) "Broken Copier"

Carolina and I had gone to an office of Wheat's, but Wheat wasn't here. The reception room was small and had tile instead of carpet on the floor. Wheat's secretary, Ellaine, was sitting at a small desk. We spoke to her for a minute. She mentioned that Miriam, one of Wheat's employees, was no longer here. At first I thought Miriam was gone permanently; I would miss Miriam because she had been the only one of Wheat's employees who had been nice to us. But then Ellaine said Miriam would only be away for two weeks.

I had carried in a copier with me. The copier had originally belonged to Wheat, but I had traded him a copier I had for this one. However, I was having trouble with this one and had brought it back to see if anyone knew how to fix it.

I set the copier down on the floor and tried to turn it on. When nothing happened, I realized it wasn't plugged in. We plugged it in and tried again. This time a copy came out, but the copy was scrunched up. Since I saw nothing else nearby, I took a piece of torn paper with some printing on it and placed it on the glass pane of the copier. Again a copy came out; but the copy wasn't one of the torn paper which I had placed on the pane. Instead, the copy was of three checks. I quickly concluded that Melanie, Wheat's wife, had tried to make copies of the checks before Wheat had given us the copier. Perhaps other copy commands were also stored in the copier and would have to be printed out before new commands would be accepted.

Carolina and I left for a short while to take care of something. When we came back, we found that Ellaine had put the copier up somewhere. I asked her to get it and she refused. She said it was Wheat's and that I couldn't have it. Irritated, I explained to her that Wheat and I had traded copiers, and that she could see that my old copier was in the next room. I asked her if she thought I would bring this one back if I thought Wheat was going to keep it. She seemed somewhat persuaded by that argument.

I knew the copier I had traded to Wheat also had something wrong with it, but I still thought it was a better one than the one he had given me. If I had a chance, I would take the toner out of the one I had given him, and replace it with an empty toner cartridge. I had no desire to help Wheat out by giving him a full toner cartridge if I didn't have to.

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