Dream of: 16 March 1995 (2) "A Blur"

I had gone to the Stag Bar in Portsmouth to look for Walls. When I found him sitting at the counter with Ramey, I invited him to go with me and have a few drinks somewhere else. Ramey turned around and with a big smile on his face asked if I was inviting both of them. I was happy to also invite Ramey, and told him to come along too. I told him I had $25, which I thought was enough for all three of us

The three of us proceeded to drink ourselves into a frenzy; the evening passed in a blur. At one point we had to stop in at Walls' sister's home. She was married and her husband, a burly man (probably in his late 30s) was in the living room, where I sat and waited for Walls. At another point we were involved in buying some marijuana to smoke. Still later we ran into Samuels and partied a while with him. I had continual fun. I thought I had forgotten how to have this kind of fun.


Several days later I was lying in a bed in the upstairs of the Gay Street House. I was still thinking about the evening I had had with Walls and Ramey. I hadn't seen Walls since that evening, and thought I would like to call him and talk with him. I thought perhaps we could just go out and have a quiet beer together and talk.

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