Dream of: 16 March 1995 "Scenes Of A Story"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, standing on the bank of Symmes Creek, which passes through the Farm and then on to the Ohio River. Instead of the usual brown, muddy color, the water was a clear blue and I was able to see some small fish below the surface. I was thinking I might be able to obtain some special eye glasses which would allow me to see even more; but already I could see far more than usual. I was even able to reach into the water with my right hand and pull out a small fish. I held it for a moment before throwing it back in, thinking it didn't realize how lucky it was.

As I wadded into a swampy area near the shore, noticing hundreds of black tadpoles in the water, I moved my feet to corral them into a small area. I recalled recently having heard my father say not as many tadpoles were around as previously. Here, however, the tadpoles were abundant. Seeing nature thrive here made me happy.

My attention was pulled to something in the creek. Looking closely I saw a large log floating sideways in the water. The log was the size of a telephone pole, and in fact, it looked as if it had been cut as a telephone pole and then abandoned. The log looked in perfect shape; I quickly decided I wanted it. I remembered having told someone I intended to build another log cabin on the Farm, and I thought this would be a perfect log to use in the cabin. I thought I could probably find enough trees which had blown down on the Farm to build the cabin, and I wouldn't even have to cut any.

As the log came nearer, I stood right on the edge of the bank, hoping I could grab it. The current was fast and the water was deep; if the log didn't pass close enough, I would miss it. As it came to me, it was about a yard away; I couldn't reach it. But I didn't intend to lose it, and I as I watched it travel on, I looked for another place farther down along the bank where I might be able to grab the log. I didn't have to look long; the log plowed into the bank not far from me and lodged there.

I scrambled through the underbrush to get to it. On the way I noticed another log (not quite as well-formed) lying on the bank. I thought I could also use it.


I was thinking I might like to tie some logs together into a raft and float down the Ohio River to the Mississippi, and then down the Mississippi. I would be like Huckleberry Finn. Only the thought of the size of both the Ohio and the Mississippi, and how small I would be in a tiny raft, gave me pause to think.


I was getting ready to go on a trip in a car. I was in a house with several other people who were going to go with me. I would be the driver of the car, and I announced we were going to leave in one minute. It seemed that Weinstein was there, as well as my brother my brother Chris (probably 7-8 years old). Since Chris had muscular dystrophy, I was particularly concerned that he be handled carefully when put in the car.


I was watching a scene where a young boy about seven years old had been befriended by another boy slightly older than he. The younger boy had grown to trust the older boy, and was shocked when the older boy brought four other boys into the room where the younger boy was. It was clear that the older boys intended to harm the younger boy in some way, perhaps sexually. It was a rather bizarre scene, and both the younger boy and I were confused by what was happening.


I realized I had been witnessing several different scenes of a story. The story seemed rather complicated, and I was unsure I could pull it together so it would make any sense. I realized I might have even forgotten some scenes, and I couldn't seem to make all the remaining pieces fit together. I knew I was going to tell the story to someone, and wondered if I might ought to leave part of it out.

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