Dream of: 15 March 1995 "God Sent Me"

While several members of my family and I were standing in the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse, an averaged-sized man (about 40 years old) walked in. He was wearing a dark zip-up jacket and dark pants. He had smooth, brown hair which may have started to thin. Although I couldn't place him, I had the feeling that he was a relative.

He quickly made known his reason for being here: he had come to search for Benjamin. I likewise couldn't place Benjamin, except that I knew he was a relative who had died some while back. However, even though Benjamin was deceased, this man intended to scour the wooded hills and valleys of the Farm to look for him.

This struck me as very peculiar: to search for a dead person. The more I thought about it, the more I seemed to recall that this man and his family belonged to a strange religious sect and I thought his search for Benjamin must be part of his religious beliefs. I also remembered that Benjamin had been the youngest of ten or twelve (I couldn't remember which) sons in a biblical story, and that Benjamin had once gotten lost and the other sons had gone to look for him. Drawing upon this recollection, I engaged the man, "So you've come to look for the lost Benjamin."

He turned and looked at me, and we began conversing. All the while I closely studied his face. It seemed somehow familiar, but I still couldn't place it. His complexion was smooth and well-shaved and his eyes fairly sparkled. Finally I focused all my attention on his left eye, on the round dark pupil surrounded by a pale iris.

Somewhat mesmerized, I began to realize that this was no ordinary visitor. I sensed he had a special reason for being here – a reason which he hadn't revealed and which I had yet to divine. I walked nearer to him and questioned him more closely. "Why," I asked, "did you come now? Not last week? Not next week? But now?"

At first I was concerned he might have some sinister reason for being here. But as I questioned him, I could see that he seemed as uncertain as I about why he was here. He obviously knew he had a mission, yet the mission seemed nebulous to him. I moved closer until I was right next to him. I reached out and laid my right hand flat on his chest. He seemed taller than I, and I had to reach up. He at the same time seemed to stretch out his hands, with the ensemble of him and me together almost resembling a statue.

I felt possessed by something that didn't seem like myself. I heard myself almost screaming, "Tell us! Tell us! We need to know!"

His head flexed back, almost in a paroxysm, and as if he himself had just become aware of the fact, he shouted out, "God sent me!"

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