Dream of: 14 March 1995 "Link In A Chain"

Carolina was standing on one side of me and another person was standing on the other side. We had our arms linked together over our shoulders. Other people were standing on the other sides of the two next to me, so that we formed a line.

In my mind, I could see us not as a line, but as a cord, and each of us was a link in the cord, like a link in a chain. The cord was holding a small rowboat sitting on a body of water. The rowboat had a metal ring in its front on top, and the cord had been passed through the ring, and tied to something on the shore.

The image of myself being a link in a cord disconcerted me. It didn't make any sense. In fact what seemed to be occurring didn't make any sense, and I struggled to understand what was happening. As I looked at the people on each side of me, I watched them seem to vanish like smoke. Obviously this wasn't real, but I couldn't figure out what was happening.

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