Dream of: 13 March 1995 "Caught In The Garden"

I was sitting on the floor of a tiny, one-room house made of brown wood. Through the open door I could see the brown, barren countryside which surrounded the house – countryside which resembled parched regions of Mexico. A woman with long, braided black hair, dressed like a Mexican peasant walked into the room. She examined two earthen bowls sitting on the floor. Both appeared to be filled with extremely fine, brown sand. But then I noticed they also had what appeared to be large, brown, lima beans in them. The woman spit on each bean, then poked them under the sand. I realized water was scarce and the woman was using her own saliva to water the beans. When she finished, the woman went back outside to work in a garden not far from the front door.

It was becoming increasingly warmer. Soon my attention was drawn again to the bowls. The sand appeared to be moving, and I saw the beans were coming up to the surface. Apparently the heat was causing the reaction. I thought of calling to the woman, but she was so far away. I just watched as all the beans slowly appeared on top of the fine sand. One bean fell off on the floor, and I could hear it making a sizzling noise. It didn't look as if any of the beans were sprouting, and in fact they appeared to be perfectly dry. I was unsure whether they would live or die.

From the door I could see the woman working in the garden. It looked as if someone else was also near her. On the other side of the garden a young man (perhaps in his late 20s) was also working. I had never helped with the garden, and in fact, such work wasn't expected of me. Actually I didn't do anything, and that fact vaguely troubled me.

I walked outside in the direction of the man. I could see several garden tools and on the spur of the moment, I decided I also would help in the garden. I could hoe. It was something I knew how to do, and indeed, it would be good for the muscles in my arms. When I drew near the man, I examined the garden tools and saw there was no hoe. I asked if he had another hoe, and he indicated he would find one for me. He hollered to the woman, who was busy hoeing.

As I looked at the rows of plants, I was surprised by how well they had grown. I wasn't sure what kind of plants they were, but they were all about a foot high. They were stringy, almost viny plants. I could also see that the rows had been plowed by the man, and the weeds were only growing near the plants. I was impressed by the amount of work he had already done.

As I bent over to examine one of the plants more closely, a button on the front of the long coat I was wearing got caught on the plant. When I couldn't free myself, I cried out for help. I could hear the woman coming and knew she would be able to free me.

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