Dream of: 09 March 1995 "Re-Attached Paw"

I was standing on a sidewalk or alley right outside the door of a building or house. I was talking with a woman, when I noticed she had a large dog with her. As the dog approached me, I was somewhat apprehensive that it might attack me, but I quickly saw that it was friendly, and I began petting it. It was so friendly that once I began petting it, it didn't want me to stop.

It pressed close to me, and I soon felt a real affection for it. As I continued petting and hugging it, I noticed there seemed to be something wrong with one of its front paws. I picked up the paw and examined it. Seeing how disfigured the paw was, I slowly realized what had happened. Obviously the dog's owner had cut the paw off. The end of the paw had then been re-attached to the leg. The result was a bizarre sight. First there was the leg, then a piece of bone, then the end of the paw. The part of the paw where the bone was had been kept by the owner for some reason. I had never witnessed such a sight and I couldn't fathom why part of the paw had been cut off, and then the end of the paw reattached.

I now felt closer than ever to the dog and hugged it tight. I even kissed its face. It didn't seem to be in any pain, but I knew it must be suffering some. I didn't know what I could do. I couldn't take the dog from its owner. But it made me think if I couldn't have this dog, I might like to have a dog of my own to take care of.

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