Dream of: 08 March 1995 "One Third Price Book Store"

As I was walking through a used book store in West Fort Worth, I began thinking I might like to buy the store and start my own used book business. I knew there was a chain of stores called Half Price Books that had been quite successful. If I followed their basic format, but sold the books at an even lower price, I could prosper.

If I owned the store I was in, I could make some definite improvements. I looked down an aisle and saw perhaps 30 copies of Stephen King's novel, It, with the red title blazing on a black background. If I owned the store, I would get rid of most of the copies and only leave a few on the shelf.

I also might have to expand the size of the store. I looked up to see that the arched ceiling was about 30 feet high. There was space for a second floor, which I might have to gradually construct, even while running the business on the first floor.

I thought about how much I would charge for books. I could charge one fourth of the original price. But I concluded that one third would be better. After all, one third was the next fraction after one half. That would mean that if a book was originally three dollars, I would sell it for one dollar. That didn't leave me much room for profit; I needed to think more about that.

If I sold the books for one third, I could call it the "One Third Half Price Book Store." But then I realized I wouldn't need the word "Half." I could just call it the "One Third Price Book Store." As I left the store, mulling over the words in my mind, I wanted to tell Carolina the name to see what she thought.

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