Dream of: 06 March 1995 "Russian 'A'"

I was sitting in a classroom with 30-40 other students. We were all sitting at tall desks on stools whose seats were about one meter off the ground. As I tried to remember what kind of class I was in, another student stood up and began talking. He was tall and strong and looked as if he might be in his mid 20s. As he spoke, I slowly realized he was speaking another language, and only gradually did I realize it was Russian. It looked as if everyone else in the class understood him, and I wondered if I were the only one who didn't.

As he spoke, he walked over toward me and stood beside me. He gestured toward me, and was clearly saying something about me. I had the feeling he was talking about the length of my long hair, which was tied in a pony tail. I also noticed another fellow with long hair tied in a pony tail sitting nearby. When the student finished talking, he returned to his seat, and I was left to my thoughts.

I was rather befuddled, because I didn't see how I was going to survive in a class where Russian was spoken. I recalled that I had once studied Russian, but I had long ago forgotten almost all of it. I pulled out a pen and traced a capital Russian "A" on the paper in front of me. I was surprised by how easily I was able to make the Russian "A," how I correctly made the little loop on the left side of the "A," and how elegant it looked. In fact, when I looked more closely at the letter, I saw that it appeared to have tiny pictures within the letter which had somehow been made by the blue ink. I looked closely at the letter, trying to distinguish the pictures.

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