Dream of: 05 March 1995 "Savonrella"

Carolina, a couple other friends, and I were in a house where I thought an estate sale was taking place. But as I began to look around the house, I saw people packing things in boxes. Slowly I realized that there was no estate sale, but that people had come to the house to show some of their things, and that now the show was over.

I also realized I had brought several items of my own and had put them out for display. Thinking I also needed to pack up, I walked over to a table where my things were sitting and contemplated what I was going to do with them. After locating a box, I began wrapping my things in newspapers and putting them in the box. None of my things were very valuable, except the last piece which I picked up. It was a porcelain statuette of a woman about a foot tall. The woman was nude and had one hand bent over her head and the other stretched to her side, so both arms were flowing in the same direction.

The bottom of the statuette was covered with red roses, one of which was slightly chipped, the only defect on the piece. Turning the statuette over to look at the bottom, I saw a name: "Savonrella." I thought I had heard the name before, and although unsure, I believed it was a sign this was a valuable piece.

Once I had finished packing, a man walked up and spoke to me. He was probably in his early 30s; I realized he owned the house. He told me that everyone was going to another location, and that I was invited to come if I liked; but I knew I wouldn't go. No one had seemed that friendly to me in the house, and I didn't think I would enjoy their company. Besides, the man seemed as if he might be gay, and I began to wonder if the whole lot of them were gay. I just wanted to get my things together and leave.

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