Dream of: 01 March 1995 "Heading To Rome"

After Carolina and I had been together in a hotel room for several hours, I began to become restless. Although I had originally thought we would stay longer in the room, I now wanted to get out and look around. I pulled out a map to figure out exactly where we were, and realized we were on the west coast of the Netherlands. Our location surprised me, because earlier Carolina and I had been out on the street and I didn't recall having heard anyone speak Dutch. I thought we must be in a section of Holland where a different dialect was spoken. I told Carolina that I didn't like the Netherlands, and that I wanted to move on to another country in Europe.

Carolina took a pen and traced a route from where we were to Paris. She made several marks in a circle around Paris, indicating where we could stay there. Then she drew a line back to where we were. We were only going to be in Europe for ten days or two weeks. But as I looked at the map, I thought we would have enough time to go to Rome. We could travel in almost a straight line from where we were to Rome. When we returned, we might circle around up through Germany.

The trip was going to cost more than I had originally planned. It would probably end up being about $3,000. But I decided it would be worth it to spend some extra money and get the most we could out of the trip. I was beginning to think, however, we should have gotten a Eurrail pass if we were going to go all the way down to Rome.

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