Dream of: 27 February 1995 (3) "Pleasure Boat"

I was on board a fairly large pleasure boat where a party was taking place. I was standing on the top deck, looking down on the deck on the rear of the boat, where some people were engaged in a game. It seemed as if the theme of the party was carnival games, and some bottles had been set up to be knocked over as at a carnival booth. I recognized some of the men who were playing the game as some fellows with whom I had gone to high school. In high school they had formed a clique to which I hadn't belonged. Now it appeared that they had carried over their clique to adult life.

As I watched the game being played, I saw that it wasn't necessary to have a ball to throw, that any kind of object could be used. At first I didn't think I wanted to play, but then I decided to look for something to throw. I went downstairs to a storage area and looked around. I saw about 20 boxes of curtain rods which I recalled having bought by mistake one time and having stored here. I wondered if they could still be returned to the store for a refund.

Finally I saw a box of pieces of lumber and I was able to find several small pieces which I thought I could use. As I walked toward the door, I saw another young woman looking for something to throw. When she saw the wood she immediately went to it.

When I walked out onto the back deck, I saw that tables had been set up and food was being served. I asked a woman if the throwing game was finished, and she said it was. I felt very embarrassed standing here with the pieces of wood. I turned around to take them back inside. I saw yet another woman coming out also holding some pieces of wood and I thought at least I wasn't the only one who looked ridiculous. But that didn't make me feel any better.

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