Dream of: 27 February 1995 "The Preacher's Lawsuit"

As I was standing outside the Summerdale Drive House, I was thinking I might like to raise a small garden this year. It was rather late to start a garden, but I thought I could still plant a few things which would grow. I even seemed to recall having seen a television program about certain vegetables which could be planted late. I could surely plant some tomatoes. I could plant the vegetables on the west side of the well-shaded house. That way they wouldn't get too much of the Texas sun.

I wondered if I needed to add any fertilizer. I didn't know the composition of the Texas soil, and thought I might need to have a soil test made.


I was in front of the House, and had just started to mow the lawn for the first time this year, when I ran out of gas. Immediately I remembered that I didn't have any more gas in my plastic gas can, and I would have to go to the gas station to get some.

To make matters worse, I looked up and saw that Roy McClure, my neighbor from across the street, had started mowing his grass, and had now stopped to come over and visit me. Roy was probably in his late 40s, a thin, wiry man. I thought to myself that it was just like him to start mowing his grass when he saw me mowing mine. He sidled up to me and began talking. I really didn't want to talk to him right now, but I listened to what he had to say.

Although what he said seemed confused, I finally pieced together the basics of the story. He had taken his monthly mortgage payment to the man he took it to every month. That man also happened to be a preacher. However, there was some problem with the payment, and the preacher charged an extra fee. Roy was now complaining because of the fee.


Carolina, Roy and I were sitting in the front living room of the House, and Roy was continuing to complain about his problem. The more I thought about it, the more surprised I was that Roy even had mortgage payments. I reflected how glad I was that Carolina and I had paid cash for our home and we didn't have any house payments to make every month. That would really be a burden.

I finally realized what Roy was getting at. The preacher had finally filed a lawsuit against Roy and Roy was going to have to go to court. Roy obviously wanted some legal advice, and I pondered whether I should help him. If I did help him, I wouldn't charge him anything. I reflected how I had recently helped Chuck Bacheller (a Dallas acquaintance) in his prostitution case and I was going to help Paz (Carolina's mother) in her traffic ticket case. I knew Roy's case was a very minor case, and by just merely having a lawyer, it would make a big difference.

I began to imagine what would be involved. I would have to prepare Roy for the hearing. I would explain that the case was in a lower court and quite informal. In my mind, I saw Roy and me showing up in a large, impressive office to take the deposition of the preacher. I saw the reaction of the other lawyer when I told him that his client would have to pay for part of the deposition. But I wondered if that was technically correct. If so, we could cost the preacher so much money, he would probably just drop the case.

As I envisioned Roy's and my leaving the deposition, I heard the lawyer say that he wondered who I was. He had never heard of me and he noted that I hadn't volunteered any information about myself.

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