Dream of: 24 February 1995 "Mirror-Covered Wall"

I was traveling with a fellow (about 30 years old) who was my friend. He was about five foot ten inches tall, a couple inches shorter than I. At the moment we were passing on foot through a large city. We were both wearing coats and carrying heavy backpacks. We had already walked through the city for several hours, and still had a long wait to go to get to the other side of the city.

Finally I stopped and told my friend that this was taking too long, that we should simply take a bus. Since there didn't appear to be any buses on the street where we were, we turned on the next street to our right and began walking up a small hill. I saw something pass across the street about a block ahead of us, and realized it was a fast-moving train. I figured there would be buses on the other side of the train tracks.

The train was still on the tracks when we reached it and a couple cars were waiting for it to pass. Just as the train finished passing and the cars pulled away over the tracks, I noticed two black men also waiting to cross the tracks. I looked at them cautiously, realizing we were in a vulnerable situation here. But they looked like two, older, working men, and I perceived no problem. I told my friend to go ask them the directions to a bus stop. As soon as he walked up close to them, I saw one of the men reach under his coat and pull out a black hand gun. The man now looked much younger and was definitely threatening. I was still however unsure whether he was trying to harm us, or whether he was just trying to protect himself because he was afraid of us. Since all his attention was directed at my friend, I began backing away. The black man didn't stop me and I was able to back down the street, turn around and get away.

I began running down the street we had originally been traveling, looking for someone to help. Finally I saw a black-haired woman sitting on the porch of a large, old dark-red brick house. I didn't want to frighten her and have her think I was going to attack her. So before I reached her, I called out, "Call the police! Call the police!"

She stood up and I walked onto the porch. She didn't seem frightened of me and I told her what had happened. We both stepped inside and I waited by the door while she called the police. When she finished, I asked her how long it would take, and she said it usually took 20 minutes for the police to arrive. That seemed like a long time to me, and I was worried my friend would be harmed in the meantime.

As I stood by the door and looked out through the small-paned glass, I realized another woman was also in the room and had stepped up close to me. She had light brown hair. Both women were probably about 30 years old and very attractive. I thought it was strange how I had managed to stumble into a house with two attractive women.


I awoke and was lying on a bed. I looked in front of me and saw that the wall was covered with a large mirror. In it I could see that I was lying between the two women. The black-haired woman's beautiful, long hair was cascading over the side of the bed. We were all fully clothed, and it didn't appear that we had done anything more than lie down and sleep together. For a moment, it even appeared that the black-haired woman was my sister (not my actual sister).

As soon as I stood up, the other two awoke and also stood up. I asked how long it had been since they had called the police and they said it had been an hour and fifteen minutes. I told them I couldn't wait any longer. It looked as if the police weren't coming. I walked back to the front door to pick up my back pack. I intended to go back to the railroad tracks and see for myself what had happened.

As I stood here, I perceived that both women liked me and would in fact like me to stay. And I would have liked to stay, but I knew I needed to leave. I thought I might be able to see them again some day. In the meantime, I could write them letters. I knew that I traveled a lot, and that I frequently wrote letters to several different women. Then when I visited the places where the women lived they were always happy to see me. I could do the same with these two women.

As I prepared to open the door, I saw a police car pull up. It stopped in front of the house next door, and a black police officer (probably in his mid 20s) stepped out of the car. I opened the door, stepped on the porch and waived to him to come to where I was. He was carrying a pad of pink papers in his hand. He turned and headed toward me.

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