Dream of: 23 February 1995 "Telling The Future"

I had been browsing through a library having a sale of some of its books when I realized it was late and I needed to leave. When I walked into the hall, it appeared I was in a high school, and it also vaguely seemed I had earlier been giving a lecture here. Looking for the exit, I noticed a woman approaching me, and I recognized her as someone I had seen earlier. I was both attracted and repelled by the woman. Probably in her early 30s, she was tall and well-proportioned – but she had a certain hardness about her. Her blonde hair was obviously bleached and the black roots were barely visible.

I was surprised she would be approaching me, because I thought she held the same disdain for me that I held for her. Nevertheless, she walked right up to me, began talking, and asked me if I would tell her future for her. I knew what she was talking about: it was becoming widely known that I could sometimes tell a person's future, or that I could at least tell quite a bit about the person by simply being close to the person and concentrating on the person.

I felt some reluctance about using my abilities on this woman, but when she was standing next to me, something about her attracted me in such a way I couldn't refuse. I told her I would do it, but we needed to find a place where no other people were present. Since other people were standing nearby, we walked down the hall and into another room. People were also in that room, so we continued to yet another much larger room. There, although one person was sitting on one side of the room, I told her we could go to the other side of the room and be alone.

She was on my right as we began walking across the room. Suddenly I realized a sort of trance was coming over me, the sort of trance I experienced when I was able to tell someone's future. My vision blurred and everything went black. I spoke to her, "I can't see," and I reached for her hand. She slightly grabbed my hand and I moved my hand to get a firmer grip.

I slipped into an extraordinary state wherein I seemed to be somehow experiencing what it was like to be her. I first noticed how similar she was to myself. We were almost the same height and weight. We were even wearing the same type clothes. We were both wearing a black and white sweater and the same kind of pants. The resemblance was both amazing and disconcerting.

I felt an emotional jolt as for just a moment I had a vague glimpse of her future. I saw that she was a hard woman, and that she was due to suffer much pain. Although I had a sense of some hope for her, she had a sordid past which blighted her future.

Yet the more I saw, the more I liked her, and slowly I realized I was becoming aroused by her nearness. As she guided me to the far side of the room, I was somehow able to sense my surroundings, and I perceived we had stopped at a single chair. I sat down on the chair and told her she could sit facing me on my lap. She seemed reluctant to get that close to me, but she finally acquiesced. When she sat in my lap facing me, I was overcome by her nearness. I put my arms around her, and I wanted to pull her close to me. I could almost feel her skin against mine, as I uttered, "You're much sexier than I thought."

She held back, and she even seemed to pull away. With a shocked voice, she told me to look down at my pants. With my sight returned, I looked down to see that my pants were unzipped, that I was wearing no underwear, and that it was clear to the world that I was fully aroused.

She jumped to her feet and began screaming incoherently. She ran from the room, and as I tried to zip my pants and control my passions, I gave chase. I felt dazed. I was sorry I had behaved so badly and I only wanted to find her and try to mollify her.

I looked up and down the halls, but she was nowhere in sight.


I was on the street looking for the woman. My father appeared and began walking beside me. I recalled that he had driven me to the building earlier. Now apparently he was ready to drive me away.

As we walked down the street, I noticed a nice, new green and white truck had rammed into the back of a parked green and white car. My father said he had seen the truck about to wreck earlier when we had been arriving at the building, but he had turned a corner and hadn't actually seen the wreck take place. There had been extensive damage, although the vehicles could probably be repaired. I had the vague feeling the wreck somehow had something to do with me.


The next morning I picked up a newspaper to read. On the top right side of the front page, I was surprised to see an article about the events of the previous day. As I began reading the article, I realized it sounded as if it had been written by me, even though it hadn't been. The article had been written by a female reporter, and I vaguely recalled I might have given her an interview. However I was surprised to see the episode in print.

The article was poorly written and I had trouble reading it. Numerous words were misspelled. The word "news" for instance was spelled "nu." And the episode seemed severely distorted. Besides myself, the article talked about Bartholow (a female Dallas attorney). Although I realized Bartholow was indeed somehow involved in the episode of the previous day, this article seemed a distorted version of the event. Although I felt some pleasure at seeing the article about me in print, I thought this could only serve to damage my reputation, especially if everything in it weren't true.

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