Dream of: 21 February 1995 "Trying To Write A Book"

As Carolina and I were riding bicycles in the downtown area of a large city, I pointed out to her how dilapidated the area had become. I also noted how the area seemed to have been taken over by black people who were standing around in large groups. I was apprehensive of the groups, and I hoped I would have no problem with them. When a black boy sped past us on a bicycle, I realized if I were to have a wreck with him, I would be in a vulnerable position.

Carolina and I rode on until we came to an area where no one was out on the street and I felt safer. As we passed a large, old, boarded-up garage, I told Carolina that I used to deliver papers there years ago. It had been hard work.

The work I was now doing in life was radically different. I was trying to write a book, but I was worried about whether I would ever make any money from it. I knew I could go back to practicing law. I had a large list of people who had defaulted on student loans, and I thought if I sent them letters, many would hire me to represent them in bankruptcy. I would have to get an office. Maybe I could get another lawyer to actually be the attorney of record, and I could just direct the operation. Or maybe I could even get a non-attorney to work for me. I didn't really want to go back to work unless I just had to. Finally I decided I wouldn't go back to work until I was down to my last $5,000. In the meantime I would devote all my efforts to writing.

As we continued riding, we were soon on a back road which seemed to be out in the country where there were no buildings. Soon we were no longer on bicycles, but were walking along a path. Gradually I realized the path was leading to a large mall in north Dallas. The path led right up to a small door and we stepped through it into the mall. I thought I was one of the few people who knew about this back entrance to the mall, and I thought it was important to know as much as possible about a particular mall. Actually Carolina and I had two malls which we had thoroughly investigated: this one and one in downtown Dallas.

We walked into a small shop where I needed to transact some business. A woman behind the counter was talking to another woman. She said that she knew where a person could rent an office for $129 a month for the first three months. That sounded like a real bargain to me. The woman said she knew, because she used to work in the office which leased the offices. I thought I ought to find out where she was talking about in case I needed to rent an office later.

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