Dream of: 19 February 1995 (2) "A Distant Planet"

I was living in a small unattractive house. No one else was in the house, and I was looking over the living room. Several puzzles which had been put together were lying on the floor. Several others which were in the process of being assembled were also lying around on the floor. I thought I needed to pick up the puzzles and put them in boxes. I had some plastic lunch boxes, and thought I might put the puzzles in the boxes.

When some children came into the room, I was afraid they were going to mess up the puzzles. One small boy had a small box which looked like a puzzle on each side. I thought the box was his and I wasn't going to take it from him, but I didn't want him or the other children to mess up the puzzles on the floor. Finally I was able to usher them all out of the room.

When I sat back down, I also noticed several cereal boxes sitting on some shelves in the room. I noticed how colorful the cereal boxes were, and thought I might like to save some. I thought I had recently seen a cereal box with a picture of Jean Luc Picard (the character played by Patrick Stewart on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation) on the front. That box would have been a good one to have saved. As I looked at the boxes on the shelf, I saw one which seemed to have some "Star Trek" as well as some "Star Wars" characters in it.

The characters were arranged in two rows. In the front were characters from earlier shows, and in the back were characters from a new series. I remembered having seen the new series, and not having been impressed. The new series seemed to involve two men who were living together on a distant planet.


My old high school friend Buckner and I were lying on the floor of the living room, each covered by a sleeping bag. Buckner was now living in the house with me. I was thinking that it was peculiar for both of us to be sleeping together like that, and I hoped no one would come in and get the wrong idea.

I was also thinking about how I had seen Buckner eating a sucker. He had had a small bowl which looked like a commode, and which I thought he actually used as a commode, into which he would dip his sucker to get it wet, and then stick it into his mouth. I thought he flushed the commode each time before sticking the sucker in it, but the idea still disgusted me. I couldn't remember precisely if I myself had ever tried dipping a sucker in a commode, but I knew it wasn't something I would normally do.

When I heard someone come into the room, I looked up to see who it was. It was a fellow whom I recognized as someone whom Buckner and I knew. The fellow was probably in his early 20s and rather heavy set. He had black hair and was wearing a tee-shirt. He immediately pulled out a marijuana joint and asked if we allowed smoking in the house. Both Buckner and I immediately sat up and said we did allow it. The fellow lit the joint. Buckner quickly moved to my left to get closer to the fellow, and I thought to myself how Buckner always tried to get in a position to have more of a joint.

After Buckner took a hit from the joint, it came to me and I took a deep hit. I hadn't smoked any pot in a long time, and I eagerly waited for the effects, but I didn't feel anything. When Buckner stood and walked into the next room, I realized we had already finished the joint. The fellow stood up and walked over to a window and looked outside. Something in his actions made me start to suspect that he might be wired, and that he had been sent by the police to spy on us. Perhaps the police had taped our entire conversation.

As I watched him, I saw him pull out some small headphones which were attached to an electronic device. When he started to put the headphones on his head, I rushed over to him, grabbed him around the neck with my arm and pulled him down over the back of a couch. As I hollered to Buckner to come, the fellow gasped out that he was only using the headphones to talk with his mother. Apparently the device was some kind of telephone. But I didn't believe him, and I waited for Buckner to come.

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