Dream of: 19 February 1995 "Swaying Buildings"

I had gone to a party at a home in the hilltop area of Portsmouth. The party was being given by a former high school classmate, an attractive girl whom I had never known well in high school. The party was outside, and as I walked around, I was amazed by how large the outside yard was. It was divided into several tiers, and as I walked down steps from one tier to the other, I was impressed by the large number of people here.

There were probably more than 100 people at the party, and it appeared that the girl had invited many different people from the school, some of which she probably barely knew. I saw several girls sitting at a table by themselves, and I thought they weren't mingling because they probably didn't know any one well.

I overheard a woman talking about the surroundings, and thought she must be the mother of the host. The woman pointed to a large tree in the yard, and I looked at it. It was indeed magnificent, towering over everything else.

I walked over to the woman and asked her if it was possible to see downtown from where we were. Just as I asked, I glanced out in the direction of downtown, and could see the tops of the buildings. It was a spectacular sight. I stood on my tip toes to see more. I could also see some tall buildings not far away. Looking at the buildings, I realized they were moving, swaying back and forth. The buildings almost looked unreal, as if they were from a cartoon. I thought I would certainly not want to live in a building which moved like that, and I began to wonder if the area where we were moved. It seemed stable enough at the moment, and I concluded I was safe.

Turning my attention back to the party, I finally realized most people were leaving and soon hardly anyone was left. Since I didn't have a car, I decided I would just run home. I slipped out a gate without saying good-bye to anyone, and started running down a sloping road. It seemed to be sprinkling somewhat, but I didn't let it bother me. I thought someone might offer me a ride, but no one did, so I kept running.

I turned into a dirt path, thinking it would be a short cut. But it only led to another house, and I could see a man standing outside the house. I quickly turned around and ran back down the path, intending to get back on the main road.

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