Dream of: 18 February 1995 "Treasure Of The Sierra Madre"

When I awoke from a night's sleep, still lying in bed on my back, I realized Kennon (a Texas attorney who worked for the Dallas/Fort Worth bankruptcy trustee's office) was sitting in the bed to my right. He had a portable computer on his lap and was working on the papers for a bankruptcy case. It appeared that he was representing a debtor and that he was preparing the repayment plan. Since he was an attorney for the chapter 13 trustee, I thought it strange for him to have his own client. I thought it might be a conflict of interest.

He seemed unsure of what he was doing and he looked to me for guidance. I saw he had made the first bankruptcy payment due only a few days after the case had been filed. I knew the debtor had 45 days to make the first payment, and I thought he needed to change the payment date, since it was generally to the debtor's benefit to put off making the first payment as long as possible.

It seemed strange that Kennon would be in my home, since I had never seen him there before, and it seemed as if he had interrupted something I had been doing. Suddenly I realized what it was. I had been in the middle of a dream when he had awakened me. I tried to remember the dream and I finally recalled a portion. I announced to Kennon I had had a dream and I asked if he wanted to hear it. He didn't seem particularly interested, but I began telling him anyway.

I told him I had been in southern Mexico where I had found a film director named John Houston (probably in his late 50s) making a movie there. Houston had white hair and a white beard. He spoke good Spanish, and had already made eight or nine movies in Mexico. I seemed to vaguely recall one of the movies, which contained scenes similar to Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Since I also spoke Spanish, and since I was interested in movies, I wanted to talk with Houston and learn more about him.

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