Dream of: 12 February 1995 "Visiting Japan"

I was on a tour with a group of people who had just arrived in Japan. Even though we were traveling over a road through the country, it seemed as if we were on a large tour boat. As I looked over the side of the boat at the passing countryside, I noticed a young woman probably about twenty years old (about the same age as I) standing next to me, and I struck up a conversation with her. She looked as if she were Japanese, and I was immediately attracted to her. She had typical black hair and dark eyes, and was probably about five foot five with a good figure.

After we had talked for quite a while, it began to seem that we were riding along in a car. I learned that she had grown up in the United States and had never been to Japan. Her English was almost perfect, although she had a slight accent. I asked if her parents spoke Japanese and she said they did. She said she also spoke Japanese, having learned it from her parents. But she said she had never been in an environment where everyone spoke Japanese, such as now. I told her it would be exciting for her. I said that I spoke Spanish, and I always loved being in a Spanish-speaking country where I could constantly use the language.

I definitely liked being with her, and I hoped she would want to spend some time with me while we were in Japan. As we sat next to each other, I put my left arm behind her on top of the seat where she was sitting, but I didn't touch her. After a while, I felt her left hand touch my left hand, and for a few seconds our fingers held on to each other. It was a sign that she liked me and that she wanted to be with me also.


Later she and I were sitting next to each other on a bench with her on my left. I lay my left hand on the bench, and soon I felt her holding it with her right hand. I wanted to be with her very much, but I now realized we had a problem. I hadn't mentioned to her the fact that I was married to Carolina, and I was beginning to feel very bad about not having told her. I knew the woman would feel deceived if I waited and told her later. But I was afraid that if I told her now, she wouldn't want to be with me any more. I felt very bad, but I wanted to be with her so much, I thought I wouldn't be able to tell her now.

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